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RUCKUS champions the arrival of Wi-Fi 7 Technology

Tue, 13th Feb 2024

In a significant leap forward for wireless technology, RUCKUS Networks, a part of CommScope, has thrown its weight behind the much-anticipated Wi-Fi 7 technology, marked by its inclusion in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 interoperability certification test bed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This development not only signals a pivotal upgrade in network performance capabilities but also positions RUCKUS at the forefront of Wi-Fi innovation, promising to enhance connectivity across various sectors, including enterprise, healthcare, education, and public venues.

Wi-Fi 7, also known as the IEEE 802.11be standard, heralds a new era in wireless networking with its promise of high speeds, low latency, and increased capacity. Designed to support advanced connected devices and applications such as 8K video streaming, extended reality (XR) video conferencing, and large-scale social gaming, Wi-Fi 7 aims to unlock a more efficient, secure, and responsive network. The introduction of features like wider channels, multi-link operation (MLO), and preamble puncturing, alongside the support for time-sensitive networking (TSN), showcases the standard's focus on enhancing user experiences through improved throughput, connection stability, and consistent latency levels.

RUCKUS's commitment to Wi-Fi 7 is epitomised by its plans to adapt its product line to meet the new standard's requirements, including the implementation of a three-radio architecture. This architecture is essential for utilising the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands simultaneously, a key feature for Wi-Fi 7 that aims to increase throughput, decrease latency, and enhance connection reliability. The RUCKUS R770 Wi-Fi 7 Access Point, leveraging RUCKUS AI and BeamFlex technology, represents the company's ambition to provide optimal performance in challenging environments, underscoring the potential of Wi-Fi 7 to transform wireless networking.

The selection of the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 Access Point for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 interoperability certification test bed by the Wi-Fi Alliance is a testament to CommScope's role in pushing the boundaries of Wi-Fi performance globally. As the only commercial access point in this test bed, the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP stands as a significant milestone, highlighting the company's contributions to Wi-Fi innovation and its commitment to ensuring a reliable and secure Wi-Fi experience for consumers worldwide. This achievement not only underscores the device's reliability but also CommScope's influence in the interoperability and global adoption of future Wi-Fi devices.

Acknowledgements from industry giants like Intel and Qualcomm Technologies further validate the importance of this development. Intel's emphasis on meeting the demand for reliable and high-performance enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, along with Qualcomm Technologies' support for the transition to Wi-Fi 7 and interoperability, illustrates the collaborative effort towards a consistent implementation of Wi-Fi 7 features. The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP platform, with its advanced RF technologies, smart directional antennas, and AI optimization, is designed to deliver unparalleled speeds, low latency, and capacity, enhancing user experiences across the board.

CommScope's involvement in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed is part of a broader movement towards the adoption and implementation of Wi-Fi 7 technology globally. This initiative not only sets a new standard for wireless networking but also influences connectivity across different sectors, heralding a new age of wireless communication that promises to bring significant improvements in network performance, reliability, and user experience. As the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP becomes available, it marks a step forward in the evolution of wireless networking standards, ensuring that customers globally can achieve interoperability with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 client devices and enjoy the benefits of advanced Wi-Fi technology.

The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP is available now. To find out more, please visit the link below.