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SailPoint rolls out cloud governance solutions for a multi-cloud world
Fri, 13th Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

SailPoint has added new cloud governance solutions to the SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform for IaaS cloud platforms, resources and workloads.

Specifically, two new cloud governance services, SailPoint Cloud Access Management and SailPoint Workload Privilege Management, will be available as part of the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform.

Enterprises can now extend identity governance across cloud platforms and resources for users, including both regular and privileged users plus the non-human users whose access is prevalent in these environments, SailPoint states.

Similar to other SailPoint Predictive Identity services, these new cloud governance services automate, anticipate and streamline identity governance decisions through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) technologies.

SailPoint Cloud Access Management enables enterprises to gain better visibility into which users, human and non-human, have access to multi-cloud IaaS environments, leveraging real-time monitoring to automatically find and manage high-risk access, and ensuring least privilege using defined guardrails where necessary.

SailPoint Workload Privilege Management, on the other hand, dynamically protects privileged access to workloads running on cloud infrastructure.

This includes automating the creation and rotation of credentials, keys and passwords; and recording and logging activity whenever privileged tasks are performed for security and audit purposes.

As the adoption of multi-cloud platforms increases, without proper governance over access to these platforms and workloads, enterprises lack visibility into who and what has access to sensitive applications and data in the cloud which opens up new areas of risk across the organisation, SailPoint states.

SailPoint chief product officer Paul Trulove says, “The new services help to close security and compliance gaps that have been created as enterprises migrate workloads to the cloud or launch new cloud-native workloads.

Trulove says, “By extending identity governance to evaluate where access risks may exist in these environments, we're providing the visibility our customers need to understand and secure access while speeding important access decisions in the cloud.

“These decisions include discovering proper versus suspicious user access; locking down privileged user access where needed; and delivering automated access that conforms to corporate policy.

“The SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM platform gives customers the intelligent, immediate oversight into user access across today's multi-cloud enterprise without slowing the velocity of the business.

These new cloud governance services follows the recently introduced SailPoint Access Modeling service. Other SailPoint Predictive Identity services include SailPoint Access Insights and the SailPoint Recommendations Engine. The SailPoint Predictive Identity platform now provides a comprehensive, AI and ML-enabled identity platform to the market.