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Salient Predictions joins Insurtech Vanguards to enhance climate resilience
Thu, 11th Jan 2024

Salient Predictions, a specialist in subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) weather forecasting, has become a member of the Insurtech Vanguards programme, led by property and casualty (P&C) cloud platform provider, Guidewire.

The initiative aims to help insurers stay abreast with the latest insurtech developments and understand how to maximise their benefits. Salient's S2S weather forecasting technology enhances insurers' abilities to adapt and make informed decisions in light of changing climate patterns.

CEO and co-founder of Salient, Matt Stein, expressed his excitement about joining this prestigious community of technology pioneers.

"We are thrilled to join this respected community of technology pioneers as we commit to innovation and excellence in the insurance industry," said Stein.

He further indicated that Salient’s commitment to solving challenges for insurers means they can make informed decisions in response to evolving climate patterns. Stein also expressed his eagerness to connect with Guidewire's P&C customers, furthering their mission to improve resilience and drive positive change in the insurance sector.

Insurtech Vanguards is a community of select startups and technology providers that are advancing the P&C industry with novel solutions. Under the programme, Guidewire gives strategic guidance to the participating insurtechs, and facilitates their connection with Guidewire’s P&C customers.

Salient’s S2S technology offers prediction and insights based on state-of-the-art land-surface data and machine learning, providing P&C insurers with essential tools to navigate and thrive amidst changing climate patterns.

Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist at Guidewire, welcomed Salient to the program. “We are thrilled to welcome Salient to our programme and help introduce Salient’s cutting-edge S2S weather forecasting technology,” said Drabik. According to her, Salient's expertise in S2S weather forecasting and analytics is set to empower P&C insurers, helping them to navigate the changing climate.

Salient has collaborated with leading P&C insurers such as Zurich Insurance, delivering weather risk alerting solutions that enhance risk avoidance and customer retention. Bringing together cutting-edge machine learning with climate expertise, Salient’s technology delivers accurate weather forecasts up to 52 weeks in advance.

Salient combines novel ocean and land-surface data with machine learning and climate expertise to deliver the world's most accurate subseasonal-to-seasonal weather forecasts and industry insights - two to 52 weeks in advance. Bringing together world-leading experts in physical oceanography, climatology and the global water cycle, machine learning, and AI, Salient helps enterprise clients improve resiliency, increase preparedness, and make better decisions in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

Salient's commitment to improving resilience and preparedness for clients, and aiding better decision making in the face of a swiftly changing climate, beyond doubt, adds to its strength as a new entrant in the Insurtech Vanguards programme, the company states.