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ServiceNow's latest release offers mobile experiences for everyday work

ServiceNow has launched new native mobile experiences for everyday work across the enterprise with the general availability of its Now Platform New York release.

Powered by the Now Platform, the platform designed to manage complex enterprise workflows across functions, departments and systems, ServiceNow’s new Now Mobile app is designed to simplify everyday work tasks, the company says.

This includes fixing an IT issue, ordering a computer, finding a conference room, getting help from human resources, approving purchase orders, travel requests and legal documents, or finding quick answers to questions.

The New York release also features a new ServiceNow Onboarding app. This provides the multi-departmental tasks involved in getting up and running as a new employee into a mobile experience.

According to the company, Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding set a new mobile standard for enterprises, moving beyond single solution apps into workflow mobile experiences that better match how people want to get work done.

ServiceNow says it is focused on creating products and services that utilise the Now Platform and help to manage enterprise workflows with the native mobile capabilities coded into the platform.

Combined with ServiceNow’s release earlier this year of ServiceNow Agent, the new Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding apps offer enterprises a suite of native mobile apps that offer features, capabilities and user experiences.

ServiceNow chief product officer Chirantan Desai says, “Just as mobile was at the centre of transforming our lives at home, we believe mobile will be at the heart of delivering great experiences at work.”

“Employees today expect their employers to offer native mobile-optimised tools. Mobile is the way many people want to get everyday work tasks done. The Now Platform enables companies to quickly and easily deliver unmatched native mobile experiences to employees that will unlock productivity and make work, work better for them,” says Desai.

According to ServiceNow, the Now Platform helpsstreamline IT, employee and customer workflows, connecting separate systemsand processes on a single platform.

Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding are two of more than 650 innovations in the New York release, ServiceNow says.

The New York release also includes innovations in natural language understanding (NLU), which is integrated into ServiceNow Virtual Agent. With NLU, employees can interact with virtual agent by using simple human terms to find answers, order items or get help for common problems without having to contact the service desk.

IDC program vice president Stephen Elliot says, “As enterprises move from dabbling with digital to becoming ‘digitally determined,’ it’s clear they need agile platforms that can adapt as fast as they do, at scale.”

“CIOs should consider how mobile-first applications for work, and associated digital workflows enabled by a unified platform, can provide CIOs with the speed needed to create a truly digital workplace and the experience employees expect,” says Elliot.

ServiceNow’sNow Platform New York release is generally available today. The ServiceNow Now Mobile and ServiceNow Onboarding apps are available to download on the Apple iOS store and Google Play store.

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