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SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 begins in Sydney with early focus on AI & animation
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

The International Convention Centre Sydney is hosting SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, a comprehensive conference and trade exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques. The event, which officially kicked off today, promises attendees an unparalleled assembly of Oscar-winning figures and pioneering tech personalities poised to redefine the animation landscape over the next four days. The stellar lineup combines knowledge-sharing and product unveiling from representatives of over 30 exhibitors across 11 countries and regions.

The conference is under the guidance of June Kim, leading an elite team of visionary thinkers and industry stalwarts. "On behalf of the 2023 Committee, I'm thrilled to welcome our global community to Sydney for an unprecedented exploration of 'Connecting Stories,'" Prof. Kim stated at the opening of the conference. She spoke of SIGGRAPH Asia as a symbol of the harmonious coexistence of human ingenuity and technological excellence in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer animation. She iterated the event's role in moulding industry and fuelling visitor traffic in New South Wales.

The event will provide visitors a unique opportunity to witness two keynote speakers, Joe Letteri, a five-time Academy Award Winner and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor at Wt FX, and Jun Murai, the 'The Father of Internet in Japan'. Letteri will share insights into the advanced world of visual effects, focusing on his recent work, "Avatar: The Way of Water.” In contrast, Jun Murai will delve into the impact of the Internet civilisation on various aspects of life.

Other luminaries sharing insights during the conference include Rob Bredow, SVP, Chief Creative Officer at Industrial Light & Magic, Paul Debevec, Chief Research Officer at Eyeline Studios by Netflix, Christophe Hery, Director of Science Research at META, Rob Coleman, Creative Director at Industrial Light & Magic, and several others.

From December 13th, SIGGRAPH Asia plans to revolutionise the innovation landscape with over 30 exhibitors showcasing the latest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services. This aligns with the conference's central theme of advancing computer graphics, digital art, animation, visual effects, new realities, and AI.

The technology exhibition will also serve as a stepping stone for students and early career professionals to interact with global industry experts. This will be facilitated through the S3 Resume and Reel Review (S3R3), curated by the Early Career Development Committee, promising an open gateway to real-life career opportunities.

The segment 'Exhibitor Talks - Fostering innovation excellence' encompasses a range of discussions. These include 'Empowering Youths through Machine Learning' by Rising Sun Pictures (RSP), 'Experience Canva's transformative AI innovation' by Kerry Halupka, 'The VFX of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3' by Wt FX's Sequence VFX Supervisor, Jason Galeon, and 'Unlocking the Future of Digital Artistry: AI, VR, and Pixar's RenderMan Unveiled' by Dylan Sisson from Pixar Animation Studios.

As an integral part of the conference, SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 offers a dynamic platform for attendees to unearth and explore new career openings while fostering a conducive environment for emerging talents in the animation industry.