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SkyKick launches Office 365 QuantumSync cloud migration technology

25 Mar 2019

SkyKick, a global provider of cloud management software for information technology (IT) solution partners, is announcing the launch of QuantumSync, a major enhancement to its Migration Suites for Office 365. 

The upgrade supposedly brings increased security, improved performance and a better end-customer experience to the migration platform. QuantumSync is deploying to all SMB and enterprise migration Suite orders, as well as all data-only orders.

In lockstep with improvements that Microsoft is making to Exchange Web Services (EWS) in Office 365, SkyKick has supposedly developed a more secure and efficient approach to move data into Office 365.

QuantumSync leverages this approach, enabling partners to create a more secure customer experience and realise significant gains in the Microsoft Security score.

While enhanced security often adds overhead to typical products, QuantumSync is supposedly designed to increase performance even as it improves security. By using proprietary protocol optimisations, QuantumSync delivers significant performance gains across the migration experience. 

The new approach is supposedly up to 12 times faster in the initiation of data syncing and offers increased concurrency during the sync - resulting in the overall experience becoming 2-4x faster for typical migrations.

Even better, performance and concurrency gains multiply exponentially in case of larger migrations, resulting in up to 10x improvement.

The enhancements in QuantumSync supposedly further strengthen SkyKick Migration Suites, which was already the top-rated solution in a recent survey of MSPs by research firm AMI-Partners.

SkyKick co-CEO Todd Schwartz says, ''A great migration experience is key to unlocking a customer appetite for recurring revenue cloud services. QuantumSync is the latest example of our commitment to innovation that accelerates cloud growth and delivers enhanced profitability for our 20,000 partners and the Microsoft channel.''

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