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SolarWinds announces AI improvements to observability software
Thu, 8th Feb 2024

SolarWinds, a provider of observability and IT management software, has announced AI-powered improvements to its observability solutions. Aligned with the evolving needs of contemporary enterprises, these enhancements aim to seamlessly manage complex and distributed environments whether on-premises, hybrid or cloud-native. The planned updates come as approximately half of essential applications are forecasted to be based outside of centralised public clouds by 2027.

Unveiled on 7th February 2024, these enhancements are designed to provide full-stack visibility in both cloud and on-premise operations. These significant updates will equip teams to manage on-premises, hybrid and cloud-native ecosystems through a single integrated solution which can be located either on-prem or in the cloud. The updates encompass the concepts of AI-Powered Observability, Full-Stack Visibility and Flexibility and Scalability offering tailored deployment options to meet each organisation's unique requirements.

These updates are viewed as transformative, recognising the monitoring and resolution issues organisations face in their digital conversion efforts. This includes the challenges in migrating to cloud servers, modern application frameworks, an enduring hybrid workforce and networks operating on Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (SD-WAN).

Gartner has predicted that by 2027, 50% of critical applications will be based outside of central public clouds. SolarWinds' proven AI-powered observability solutions are said to offer a unified, holistic view of the entire technology stack, either as a self-hosted solution or a cloud-based SaaS offering. Proactive issue detection and accelerated problem-solving capabilities intend to improve user experience and performance by integrating on-prem and cloud ecosystems.

Commenting on the announcement, SolarWinds SVP, Product, Cullen Childress stated, "The rapidly evolving technology landscape and organisations ongoing modernisation journeys drive the digital complexity they face." He further highlighted the increased importance of uptime and stringent service level requirements in the context of limited budgets. Childress emphasised on SolarWinds commitment to assist IT professionals by providing tools to execute their roles effectively. He noted, "with SolarWinds, you can see everything from anywhere."

The enhancements include further capabilities in network and infrastructure observability, providing hybrid visibility across on-premises and cloud networks. This includes virtual machines, hypervisors, containers, Kubernetes and infrastructure-as-a-service resources. Database observability capacities have also been extended with a query explorer and visual explain plans. Furthermore, AIOps-enabled pattern recognition and anomaly detection will provide insights into correlated events and alerts, thereby hastening root cause analysis. This will aid IT teams in enhancing their productivity as their organisations expand.

The announcement marks the continuation of SolarWinds’ transformative efforts to evolve its business and product portfolio and enhance its market approach. These improvements will be exclusively presented at the upcoming SolarWinds Day virtual event on February 28.