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South Australian Government adopts Oracle for financial transformation
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

The South Australian Government has selected Oracle for technological transformation in its financial processes. By utilising Oracle's Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion ERP analytics, the state government seeks to streamline its operations, expand its business intelligence, increase productivity, and abate costs.

This move towards adopting cloud-based technology should enable the South Australian government to improve both accuracy and efficiency. It will also facilitate adherence to changing legislative decrees and accounting norms and augment audit controls across 51 specific state agencies.

The South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance aims to utilise Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to support its ongoing mission of ensuring a prosperous and thriving state both now and in the times ahead. These Oracle tools will allow the South Australian Government to standardise its financial processes while also extending its business understanding in a bid to enhance productivity, cut expenditure, and improve controls across 51 state-run organisations.

Certain pertinent services for most South Australian Government agencies, like payroll, accounting, and finance services, are provided by the Department of Treasury and Finance through Shared Services South Australia (SSSA). SSSA is responsible for handling over three million invoices and producing 175 sets of financial statements annually. To enhance accuracy and efficiency whilst adhering to variable legislative requirements, accounting standards and augmented audit controls, the Department deemed it necessary to embrace a flexible, cloud-based finance system.

“As part of the Department's ambition to be a World Class Treasury, we require the adoption of new technology as a means to accelerate digital evolution and offer high-quality financial services to our client base," commented Mark Carey, Executive Director of SSSA. "Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics equip us with capabilities that will aid in enhancing the speed and exactness of financial processes and extending business insights for decision making and resource distribution”.

Meredith Rowan, Vice President, Applications, Oracle, Australia and New Zealand, speaking on Oracle's collaboration with the South Australia government conveyed her excitement about aiding the state government in its journey of digital metamorphosis. She also noted "the South Australia Government’s move towards the adoption of automated and touchless financial processes to deliver superior value to its constituents, especially considering the impending population and business growth.”

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