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Stratio BD confirms generative AI tool accuracy at 99%
Wed, 17th Jan 2024

A recent test conducted by Stratio BD, a generative AI and data specialist, demonstrates that generative AI tools are 99% accurate. The breakthrough research showed that these tools can be trusted by enterprises to inform decision-making when paired with the Stratio Business Semantic Data Layer. The discovery is an industry first, with Stratio BD finding that ChatGPT-4 was reliably able to answer data queries run on large datasets. These results represent a significant leap in the application of generative AI tools for business use, provided good quality data is available.

In a press release dated January 15, Stratio BD announced the findings of a landmark test. It revealed that generative AI tools, when complemented by Stratio's Business Semantic Data Layer, could analyse and interrogate data to achieve remarkable results. By using these tools, employees, irrespective of their technical expertise, can run complex data queries and receive highly accurate answers. The innovative method linked an independent dataset analysis by ChatGPT with Stratio BD's Business Semantic Data Layer.

Earlier, tested a benchmark that found Language Model learning (LLMs) to be three times more effective when linked with a knowledge graph. The accuracy rate in this test, validated by DBT labs in December 2023, was 69%. However, in Stratio BD's replication of the test, the discovery was that ChatGPT-4 answered data queries running on voluminous data accurately 99% of the time.

The dramatic boost in accuracy was a direct consequence of using Stratio BD's Business Semantic Data Layer, which joins large datasets with business meaning through semantic ontologies and a knowledge graph. The benchmark test asked ChatGPT-4 to answer several insurance-related business questions using information from a standardised dataset. When used without Stratio BD's Business Semantic Data Layer, ChatGPT managed an accuracy rate of 17%. But with it, the accuracy rate rose dramatically to 99%.

Román Martín, Chief Technology Officer at Stratio BD, explains: "We have crossed a new frontier in the application of generative AI tools for enterprise use. Delivering an accuracy rate of 99% is clearly a high bar for reliability when it comes to business data use cases. By linking ChatGPT to our Semantic Business Data Layer solution, we can deliver highly accurate answers and have solved the largest problem associated with LLMs."

Meanwhile, Óscar Méndez, CEO and Co-Founder at Stratio BD said: "Business leaders across the world should now have total confidence when it comes to adopting and deploying generative AI tools to investigate complex business data. Not only does our Business Data Layer enable businesses to reap the efficiency advantages of generative AI tools, but it also empowers employees without data expertise to access and use data effectively."

For further information, Román Martín González, Chief Technology Officer at Stratio BD, will host an open webinar on January 25 at noon CET.