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Sustainability in hiring: do you really match up?

Tue, 11th Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Let’s be real - our climate crisis isn’t going anywhere. Actions on an individual level aren’t enough anymore; global organisations have more obligation than ever to reduce their carbon emissions and make positive changes toward a more sustainable future for us all.

But (let’s be real again) it’s not just the planet that suffers through a lack of sustainable action. Whilst protecting our planet is undoubtedly the most important goal, continuing to build on company success by hiring top talent is vital to keep organisations thriving and productive.

So, how and why does sustainability fall into this?

More tech professionals than ever are now prioritising a company’s sustainability commitment when searching for new roles. To discover just how influential sustainability is within the tech space specifically, we surveyed over 400 global employers and tech candidates to create an in-depth insights report - Sustainability: Awareness to Action.

84% of candidates said that it is important for them to work for a company that prioritises environmental sustainability - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We uncovered the truth about how much sustainability really matters to job seekers and whether companies’ environmental actions match up. (Our findings were pretty interesting, to say the least.)

Get in the know: Key findings

With a huge 82% of tech candidates feeling that businesses have an obligation to minimise their environmental impact, it’s encouraging to see that 91% of employers we surveyed agree. However, 50% of candidates feel that companies are currently NOT doing enough in this space, which suggests a pretty drastic mismatch between candidate expectations and employer actions.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a snapshot of some of our other findings:

Almost two-thirds of candidates say that a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability influences their decision to accept a job offer, while 59% of employers are either neutral or disagree that their eco-friendly efforts will have such an impact.

44% of companies say their main challenge with creating a sustainable future is a lack of company-wide education, while 63% of candidates feel the main challenge businesses face is a lack of funding.

78% of candidates and 76% of employers agree that a company’s sustainability strategy is integral to business success.

It’s clear that while some sustainability views are aligned between tech candidates and employers, there are still a lot of areas in which companies could improve their actions. This will not only help protect our planet and create a more stable global future but will also showcase your commitment to sustainability to help attract and retain top talent. It’s a win-win.

Discover more

Sustainability: Awareness to Action features many more interesting findings direct from those working and hiring for tech. You’ll learn more about what candidates really want, as well as plenty of advice and pointers to help you truly match up and improve your own strategies. Not just for protecting our planet but for building better teams for your organisation.

You’ll also get to learn from companies who are already leading the way with their environmental sustainability plans. Our report features multiple case studies showcasing the efforts of global organisations that are already walking the talk, complete with exclusive insights and advice on how awareness can really be transformed into action.

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