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Sydney FC leverages Storyblok to boost match day attendance
Thu, 7th Sep 2023

Sydney FC is using Storyblok’s CMS to build digital experiences that reignite fan enthusiasm and boost matchday revenue by 370%

In 2018, Sydney FC had to embark on a 4-year journey playing at different sites across Sydney so the aged Allianz Stadium could be rebuilt from the ground up. Sydney FC says this was exhausting for the team and fans who missed having their stadium.

As the end of construction approached, Sydney FC knew they needed to do something special to build enthusiasm for the team’s return to the new stadium. They decided to work with Herbert Digital, a Storyblok Certified Partner, to create an exciting digital stadium experience with Storyblok in just four months.

Along with being the primary content source for everything about Sydney FC, the website features an Experience Selector that enables fans to pick the best seats for their circumstances and the atmosphere they want to enjoy.

Jeremy Butler, Head of Consumer Business, Marketing and Content at Sydney FC, said, “We were under intense time pressure to create relevant content for the website.” 

“The intuitive design of Storyblok effectively allowed our content team to approach the project with minimal training. We, as marketers, can independently change the content without involving developers.” 

“This, combined with the ability to view changes in real-time, allowed us to achieve our objective ahead of the deadline,” says Butler.

With Storyblok’s Visual Editor, Sydney FC was able to create all of the content in the CMS in just two weeks. The website launched in 2022 with over 1 million page events. Furthermore, matchday revenue skyrocketed by 370%, and attendance increased by 228% year-over-year.

Sydney FC only planned to use the website for the initial return to the stadium. Still, after seeing this success and experiencing how easy and cost-effective it is to manage content with Storyblok, they decided to continue using it as their primary membership hub.

Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO of Storyblok, says: “Great digital experiences generate excitement far beyond the devices they live on. Sydney FC has been able to use compelling content to drive action by their fans, leading to record revenue and attendance.” 

“This is a winning strategy, both on and off the pitch.”

Storyblok, the content management system (CMS), empowers both developers and marketing teams to create better content experiences across any digital channel. Storyblok’s headless CMS architecture enables developers to build anything, publish everywhere, and integrate with any service or technology.

Marketing teams can independently create and scale content experiences using a visual editing interface, collaborative tools, and custom publishing workflows. Additionally, businesses can improve digital experiences everywhere with best-in-class performance, personalisation, and optimised omnichannel storytelling.

Leading brands such as Adidas, T-Mobile, Oatly, Deliveroo, and 160,000+ other developers and marketers use Storyblok to create content experiences that are fast, secure, and built to scale.