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Symbio appoints Dylan Brown as CEO of Connect
Mon, 21st Aug 2023

Symbio, a leading software company specializing in voice communications, has announced the appointment of Dylan Brown as the CEO of its Connect (CPaaS) division. This significant appointment comes as part of Symbio's broader strategy to expand its total addressable market to over 100 million people and execute its digital transformation roadmap.

Dylan Brown is no stranger to Symbio, having served as the Acting CEO of Connect since January 2023. With over 12 years of telecommunications experience, including roles at AAPT, Pacnet, Telcoinabox, and Symbio in sales, presales, and product management, Mr. Brown brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new position.

Mr. Brown's journey with Symbio began through the Telcoinabox acquisition, and he has a combined tenure of close to nine years with the company. Before his appointment as CEO, he led the Symbio Connect Product Team as General Manager, Products & Marketing.

Symbio Co-Founder and Group CEO Rene Sugo expressed his confidence in Mr. Brown's abilities, stating: "Dylan has been instrumental in rolling out Symbio's digital transformation roadmap and launching our South-East Asia (SEA) Hub. He has a strong customer focus and has continued to champion product growth and development, bringing with him commercial acuity and market leadership. Dylan compliments our highly skilled executive team who bring the motivation and expertise needed to deliver our ambitious strategic vision."

Mr. Brown's excitement about his new role was evident as he shared: "I am excited by the challenge of leading Australia's largest CPaaS operator in executing our Vision 2030 strategy. Key strategy milestones this year have been the expansion of Symbio’s Total Addressable Market to over 100 million people and our recent strong organic growth in phone numbers, which is up 40% from last year. This is indicative of the demand for high-quality products and services, and a seamless customer experience. I look forward to further building on this momentum."

In addition to his new role as CEO, Mr. Brown also sits on the Board of the Telecommunications Global Leaders Forum (GLF), representing Symbio. He has been selected for the GLF Accelerator program as one of 18 next-generation C-Leaders of international connectivity businesses.

The appointment of Dylan Brown as CEO of Symbio's Connect division marks a significant step in the company's ongoing growth and transformation. With a focus on customer experience and product development, Mr. Brown's leadership is poised to guide Symbio towards achieving its Vision 2030 strategy and expanding its market reach. His extensive experience and commitment to innovation align with Symbio's goals, making him a valuable addition to the executive team.