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Talenza unveils Tranzformd & the Transformation Group in Australia
Mon, 1st Apr 2024

In a bid to revolutionise Australian Transformation, Talenza, the country’s technology and transformation workforce solution provider, has inaugurated Tranzformd and the Transformation Group (TTG). Aimed at disrupting traditional recruitment and consultancy, the new initiative converges Talent, Technology and Strategy, which have been identified as vital elements unable to function independently in the face of the advancing technology revolution.

Despite projections that Australian technology spending will total approximately AU$133 billion this year, it's noteworthy that 80% of business transformation projects fall short. TTG, incorporating both Talenza and Tranzformd under its umbrella, intends to shape a new trajectory for Australian businesses by offering a transformative blend of technological talent and strategic expertise.

TTG puts forward an innovative approach to consultancy, one hinging on accountability and shared risks, and aims to extend strategic advice, as well as transitional leadership roles, which can often present a lifeline for senior executives seeking a return to the workforce. The combined capabilities of Talenza's workforce solutions and Tranzformd's fresh perspective on consultancy will, according to TTG’s leaders, form a key strategy for businesses in building a resilient, adaptable workforce in sync with their structural evolution.

The Transformation Group has been unveiled to support Australian enterprises undertaking ambitious Transformation projects. TTG offers an alternate, human-centric solution in a time when businesses are keenly focused on technological advancements. Expected to invest over AU$133 billion this year in IT, Australian organisations are shown to need more than just financial resources to lead their transformations successfully. TTG provides the critical human element, disrupting convention by delivering expertise, experience and strategic advice at the intersection of people, recruitment and advisory services.

Australian executives have found the process of balancing human resources and technology to create a sustainable workforce quite challenging. Talenza and Tranzformd, operating under TTG, aim to alleviate these concerns by connecting businesses with talent and strategic solutions to drive growth, innovation and success. With both entities working parallelly, TTG intends to optimise both human resources and strategic advice, solving the workforce balancing act and addressing transformation projects' broader challenges.

"As we launch the Transformation Group, we're stepping into a new realm. Our expertise extends beyond conventional resource problem-solving to encompass a wide array of solutions aimed at addressing the broader spectrum of challenges that businesses face in transformation," explains Andrew Sully, TTG Co-Founder and Spokesperson.

In its seven-year tenure, Talenza has built robust relationships across Australia's Transformation and technology sector, connecting key players from startups to ASX top 100 companies with talent necessary for their transformation projects. "Talenza was founded by a group of industry recruitment leaders with a dream to build a technology, digital & transformation talent powerhouse. The Transformation Group is the next step towards that goal," reminisces Henry Gatehouse, Talenza Co-Founder and CEO.

Tranzformd's Managing Partner, Michael Swinhoe, shares the same enthusiasm, confirming, "As Transformation challenges reach new heights of complexity, speed and success of delivery, we’re very excited to launch Tranzformd, a first of its kind consultancy business relying on first-hand relevant experience."