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Teradata's AI Unlimited now available on Amazon Web Service preview

Wed, 29th Nov 2023

Teradata has announced that its AI Unlimited offering is now available on private preview on Amazon Web Service (AWS). The AI Unlimited product is Teradata's serverless artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) engine, which enables data scientists, data engineers, and developers to explore new use cases, on-demand, using scaled data.

This collaboration brings Teradata’s advanced ClearScape Analytics capabilities to a low-cost environment, ideal for maximising exploration and discovery. With serverless computing and in-engine analytics, AI Unlimited features AI/ML capabilities facilitating organisations to uncover valuable, innovative use cases. All this is being securely and natively integrated with AWS.

Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata, explained, “Teradata is determined to assist organisations in unlocking the enterprise value and achieving significant business results through AI. Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS is a step ahead in supporting our customers’ AI initiatives. It gives them the potential to securely explore, experiment and operationalise new AI use cases in a cost-effective manner and at a large scale.”

AI Unlimited on AWS provides robust tools to aid in data scientists, data engineers and developers' AI initiatives. Among these tools, it offers parallel processing and the capability to build and run models at scale. It also includes a Bring-Your-Own-Model (BYOM) feature that users can apply to any model trained on Amazon SageMaker or other AI/ML services within AI Unlimited. In the near future, AI Unlimited will enable access to any data lake supporting Open Table Format (OTF) like Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake. Subsequently, users can smoothly transition a prototype to the VantageCloud production environment and operationalise it on a large scale.

AI Unlimited design simplifies setting up and deploying enhanced analytics, thanks to its seamless integrations with AWS, ClearScape Analytics, and VantageCloud. Users can directly access data from AWS, removing the need for costly data movement and extensive data infrastructure management. Moreover, AI Unlimited operates on a consumption model based on the time spent exploring and making discoveries, minimising costs and risks of costly overruns and time-consuming provisioning.

Currently, Teradata AI Unlimited is available in a private preview in the AWS Marketplace for a select number of customers.

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