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Tesserent appoints Andrew Shea as Managing Partner of Tesserent Academy
Wed, 13th Sep 2023

In a strategic move to escalate its battle against the growing cybersecurity threats, Tesserent Limited (ASX:TNT), the titan in the ANZ cybersecurity landscape, announced the appointment of Mr. Andrew Shea as the Managing Partner of Tesserent Academy. Shea steps in with a laudable portfolio, highlighting over 20 years of sterling leadership at various vocational education providers. A visionary leader, he intends to harness his deep expertise in the training sector to address the significant cybersecurity talent gap looming over the nation.

Reflecting on the pressing issue, experts estimate a burgeoning labour shortfall in Australia's cybersecurity sector, expected to surpass 30,000 by 2026. It's a deficit that underlines an urgent need to cultivate skilled professionals capable of safeguarding the nation against potential cyber-attacks.

Launched in April 2021, Tesserent Academy is primed to spearhead the initiative of nurturing cybersecurity expertise. The CEO of Tesserent, Mr. Kurt Hansen, conveyed his enthusiasm about the recent appointment, stating, "I am delighted that Andrew Shea has been appointed to the helm of Tesserent Academy. He will be pivotal in turbocharging the acceleration of Tesserent Academy's recent acquisition of ALC Training." The objective is clear: to foster a rich talent pool that can enhance the cyber ecosystem while catering to both Tesserent and its clients.

In a career adorned with significant accolades, including two 'CEO of the Year' titles at the Executive Awards and a Lifetime Achievement honour at the 2023 Australasian Learner Impact Awards, Shea has emerged as a formidable voice in Australia's vocational education sector. Not to mention, his dynamic role as a board member with the Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia.

With a past steeped in leadership roles across numerous tertiary education establishments, including a stint as CEO at two registered training organisations and head of internal learning and capability development at the ASX-listed Simonds Group, Shea is no stranger to spearheading transformations.

Speaking on his new role, Andrew Shea expresses, "The ability to provide training and access to some of the nation's brightest and best minds in cybersecurity will set apart the hands-on training that Tesserent Academy can provide..." He emphasised his dedication to showcasing promising prospects in the cybersecurity field, catering to individuals at various stages of their careers.

Shea, known for fostering diversity in traditionally male-dominated sectors, is set to revolutionise the industry once more, setting sights on enhancing female and diverse representation within the cybersecurity realm. A mission, he is eager to undertake, drawing from his successful stint at Builders Academy where he doubled female participation.

Looking ahead, Shea aims to propel Tesserent's initiatives to new heights, developing industry-aligned training programs in collaboration with software solution providers, employers, and other education and training providers. In his words, "I am excited to be spearheading Tesserent's activity to uplift cybersecurity skills training and to encourage more females and people from a range of diverse backgrounds and across all age levels to pursue careers in cybersecurity."

Tesserent Academy intends to work closely with governmental bodies and the high school sector to forge promising pathways and opportunities, fostering a new generation ready to take up the cybersecurity mantle with adeptness and innovation.