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Transforming business operations with broadband push-to-talk service

Tue, 1st Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

That's Wave PTX Service from Motorola Solutions

Are you pressed to meet higher growth targets, needing more business opportunities but hampered by shrinking operational budgets? As businesses recover from the past two years of uncertainties because of the pandemic, it is common knowledge that companies of any size today have emerged being stretched in every direction, need to meet higher customer expectations, drive greater efficiencies, and boost productivity with limited resources.

If you are in segments like security, hospitality, transportation and logistics services, tapping into Push-to-Talk (PTT) services could hold the answer.

PTT services transform how businesses operate, expand network coverage, and connect employees seamlessly at disparate workplaces. PTT offers more than reliable instant voice communications. For distributed teams, PTT services allow centralised control room teams to reach workgroups or individuals instantly, locate where teams are in an emergency and share multi-media content for next-level team situational awareness with Push-to-Locate messaging and video streaming communications services, Dispatch capabilities, Audit Trail and conversation records. PTT goes beyond flexible, reliable group communications management. PTT subscription-based sign-up package allows businesses to scale up or down predictably as their business needs evolve.

From frontline customer service teams to backend operational workers, accelerating accurate information flow and fostering better collaboration across different departments offer immense benefits. With PTT services, unified team communication is taken to a whole new level – available for use on various devices, from being loaded as a BYOD app on smart devices to purpose-built rugged devices. It is a service that is affordably available at a predictable monthly cost.

Improved productivity

One transportation company in New Zealand experienced an 80% improvement in productivity after installing the WAVE PTX solution. For some team members who are constantly on the road, WAVE PTX offers clear, reliable nationwide coverage and headquarter operations can easily reach every driver or reach a team member to re-route packages.

WAVE PTX also enabled team members to receive real-time information such as an alternative route to ensure they get the job done in the shortest time possible. There is no need to contact five different people to solve a problem. With WAVE PTX solutions, instant communication with relevant talk groups eliminated confusion, enabled instant collaboration and enhanced team morale.

Centralised management

Inter-state travel restrictions and border closures operationally challenge an events management company in Australia. WAVE PTX was used to circumvent COVID-19 restrictions, allowing essential team members to coordinate efforts with remote teams recruited locally to manage the events onsite. It took the concept of remote working and management to a new level for this company.

Wherever team members are located, they could plug into different networks to access multi-media content - video content, document, or location data. Such interoperability allowed team members to efficiently perform their tasks, judge winners in competitive events accurately, and stay in control of critical event information.

Managing unforeseen business impact 

For one security firm in New Zealand, the WAVE PTX service allowed teams to re-assign job scopes and offer security services to hotels converted into isolation and quarantine facilities across multiple cities in the country. Clear audio was available to groups even in remote areas where cellular signals were unavailable, enabling security officers to keep the community safe.

At all times during the day, critical information was reliably delivered to teams, whether as text, video, document or location information, empowering the security officers to protect their assigned facilities, occupants and team members in line with updated safety protocols.

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