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Uniphore makes additions to its flagship CX platform
Wed, 9th Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Uniphore, the conversational automation specialist, has announced the addition of new solutions to its flagship Conversational AI - Automation platform.

The existing platform provides intent, sentiment, emotion and tonal analysis to every contact centre conversation, helping to transform the end-to-end customer and agent experience.

The newest addition is U-Assist In-Call, an in-call automation solution, which comes in two distinct packages: Bolt and Max.

U-Assist In-Call is an advanced agent assist solution that delivers next-best actions, leveraging the intent, sentiment and tonal analysis as well as desktop automation using attended robotic process automation (RPA).

Uniphore is also launching a new workflow designer to help business users to prioritise growth with a quick time-to-market for next gen customer experience (CX) applications.

The designer includes an integrated RPA that can be used during a call to assist the agent or post call for related follow-up actions needed.

According to the company, with changing business and societal conditions, the role of customer service centres in delivering superior CX is more important than ever.

Uniphore's U-Assist In-Call solutions are designed to provide agents with tools for better CX.

Highlighted benefits and features of Uniphore's U-Assist In-Call solutions include:

U-Assist In-Call Bolt:

Real time agent guidance: Next best action and agent guidance is pre-programmed to ensure consistency on every call and in adherence with business requirements, eliminating friction and improving CX.

Robotic process automation (RPA): With process automation, the system automatically acts on the agents behalf, thus improving efficiencies and agent performance. For example, the fee is waived in another system without an available API and automatically credited to the customers account through RPA.

Quick time to value: Being a rules-based real-time agent guidance solution, it leads to quick implementation quick time to value and can also jumpstart agent guidance.

U-Assist In-Call Max:

Guide agents in real time: Leverage AI to assist agents on next best action based on contextual, personalised data from each customers interaction.

Increase agent engagement with customers: Improve the customer experience by reducing dead air and hold time.

Reduce agent discovery time: Minimise the time agents need to understand and serve the needs of every customer with AI-powered not just rule-based contextual, just-in-time guidance.

Scale personalised guidance: Harness the next stage in AI automation. Dynamically guide agents based on the customers' needs and support multiple intents, reduce agent errors and accelerate handle time to a happy customer.

Uniphore chief product officer Moni Manor says, “I'm extremely proud of the work that our engineering and product teams have done to deliver an unparalleled conversational AI and automation platform.

"The importance of delivering a seamless in-call experience powered by AI, automation and RPA is significant in that the combination enables us to provide unmatched ROI as we can handle complex interactions and not just simple ones.

"Our technology increases customer satisfaction, reduces agent errors, helps ensure promises made to customers are kept, and thus ensures that every interaction is followed up with on time and with minimal probability for repeat customer calls.