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Venafi enhances Firefly with SPIFFE for improved workload identity security
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Venafi, specialising in machine identity management, has announced an upgrade to its workload identity issuer, Firefly, with the addition of SPIFFE (Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone) support. This enhancement empowers Firefly to bring exceptional agility to securing identity at the workload level, a critical consideration in today's rapidly evolving environments.

The improved feature simplifies workload authentication, catering to both the requirement for swift innovation by platform teams and the rigorous governance mandates of security teams. According to the announcement, Firefly's SPIFFE support enhances security compliance within scalable cloud-native environments by facilitating the adoption of industry-standard workload identity. It also offers automated renewal and rotation of SPIFFE identities, negating the need for enduring secrets in certificates, a fundamental component for establishing a zero-trust architecture.

Security teams benefit from a consistent, unified workload identity system spanning any public, private, or hybrid cloud setting. Firefly enables a trust domain scale using mTLS within the Istio service mesh, ensuring that identity and trust are seamlessly enforced for workloads across multiple service mesh environments.

Kevin Bocek, Chief Innovation Officer at Venafi, said, "The cloud-native tsunami is making workload identity the focus for both security teams and adversaries. Knowing what workload is allowed to authenticate is only getting harder with more clouds, more clusters and more microservices."

"There is an urgent need to ensure workload identities are governed and consistent across many teams and applications in a modern business. Security teams want to know how and why workloads are being authenticated without getting in the way of business-changing apps."

Unlike legacy PKIs and secret managers that lack the capacity to support contemporary, decentralised approaches, Venafi's Firefly with SPIFFE can authenticate workloads across dynamic, multi-cloud environments using short-lived identities regulated by the Venafi Control Plane. This reduces operational complexity and costs while effectively securing workload identities across all infrastructures.

Shivajee Samdarshi, Chief Product Officer at Venafi, said, "Venafi Firefly goes beyond conventional workload identity management. It bridges the gap between security compliance and platform team efficiency by providing a unified, automated approach to seamlessly authenticate workloads in modern, cloud-native environments. It automatically issues each workload with its own identity and creates an enterprise-wide trust root system to secure and authenticate workloads across any infrastructure."

"With SPIFFE support now added, platform teams can use Venafi Firefly to consume SPIFFE-compatible identities and seamlessly authenticate workloads for improved workload identity governance and trust."

With the inclusion of SPIFFE support, Venafi Firefly takes workload identity governance and trust to new heights. The SPIFFE capability offers security teams improved governance and security compliance, secret-less authentication, and advanced automation for workloads across multi-cloud operations. In addition, platform teams gain simplified service mesh management with automated mutual TLS (mTLS).