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Ventana Research awards InterSystems with highest ranking

Ventana Research has given InterSystems' IRIS data platform the highest rating in its Value Index for Data Platforms.

InterSystems received the "Exemplary" rating and ranked third overall out of thirteen vendors.

The Ventana Research 2023 Value Index for Data Platforms offers an independent, holistic view of each vendor's ability to serve both operational and analytic workloads using either one or multiple data platform products.

In addition to ranking third overall, InterSystems IRIS also sits in second place for the Product Experience, Usability and Adaptability categories.

"As a cloud-first data platform, InterSystems IRIS can reduce the need to implement and integrate multiple technologies, resulting in less code, fewer system resources, and less maintenance," says Matt Aslett, Vice President & Research Director, Ventana Research.

"I recommend that organisations that are migrating to the cloud and are looking for a platform to provide a consistent, accurate and real-time view of their enterprise data should evaluate InterSystems."

InterSystems notes that this recognition is a testament to its ability to provide native analytic and operational capabilities in a single product.

The next generation of InterSystems IRIS data platform provides built-in high-performance database management, interoperability and analytics capabilities, eliminating the need to copy data from an operational database to a separate analytic database.

Further, the company says IRIS' second-place ranking for "Adaptability" also shows that it is dedicated to meeting customer needs and high customer satisfaction rates.

Developers can use InterSystems IRIS so that they have a choice of what programming language they want to use, while Embedded Python support enables Python developers to gain direct server-side access to all the platform's functionality.

This offers a familiar programming environment for Python's more than eight million users worldwide.

Moreover, InterSystems says that IRIS' ability to meet the range of business requirements that executives, management, workers, and analysts have, as well as those involved in IT and other data platforms, is what has enabled the company to achieve a second-place ranking in the "Usability" category.

"We are delighted that our InterSystems IRIS data platform has been recognised as third overall among the top thirteen data platform vendors by Ventana Research, as well as recognising InterSystems as an "Exemplary" vendor," says Joe Lichtenberg, Global Head of Product and Industry Marketing, InterSystems.

"In today's landscape, data platforms are essential to support concurrent operational and analytical workloads to ensure organisations obtain the real-time data and insights they need to manage disruptions, identify new opportunities, and move their businesses forward.

"Coming out ahead of well-respected vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, and Google in Ventana Research's overall ranking is testimony to InterSystems deep commitment to our customers' success, and our ability to deliver the functionality, performance, usability, and reliability our customers require."

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