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VERSA turns website design on its head with an AI twist
Wed, 14th Apr 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Australian digital and design agency VERSA has launched a new website that doesn't follow the standard design principles of most websites - this one comes with an AI-infused twist.

The company designed the website to be entirely bot-activated and navigation-less, which means those who visit the website just write or speak what they want to search for.

Versa describes the bot as a ‘digital concierge' that delivers a human-centred experience.

“Agencies and brands have spent years focused on user-centred design and still wonder why people aren't finding what they need on their website. The answer is navigation-less search,” explains Versa CEO Kath Blackman.

“Providing access to information via voice technology creates an easy conversation. It also allows us to reach new audiences due to the navigation-less platforms using voice or text to potentially improve accessibility for non-English speakers and those with low levels of literacy, the elderly, vision impaired and people living with disability, mobility and dexterity issues.

The company explains that navigation-less websites have no drop down menus or scrolling - the bot can take users straight to the information they need.

“People now expect a seamless experience from websites, apps and products. Navigation-less websites give brands the ability to create two-way conversations with customers and allow brands to collect better insights and data to address their customers' needs more accurately. Voice navigation also has the potential to reach more people through greater accessibility by being able to simply ask for what you want in your own words, regardless of language, literacy or ability,” adds Blackman.

Behind the scenes, Vera's website is powered by a headless content management system called DatoCMS, which can be used across different platforms to bring a consistent experience across chatbots, native applications, and websites.

A consistent experience is important for an effective omni-channel experience. Furthermore, brands can create personalised experiences, information, and deals without a user ever needing to log in.

Versa explains that the website experience allows for targeted and accurate recommendations through AI's ability to interpret, understand and provide relative content instantly. This increases accuracy as the user clarifies their needs throughout the duration of the conversation.

AI-driven websites can also help organisations understand exactly what visitors are searching for.  Because sites are also navigation-less with no tab structures or drop down menus, new SEO strategies also benefit.

“Greater insights will enhance a brand's ability to adapt their content and offering to meet changing customer needs and demands, including building a specific and relevant content knowledge base that answers all their questions,” the company concludes.