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Vodafone encourages Australians to recycle unused mobile devices
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

New data coming from Vodafone highlights that a mere 1% of its customers actively engage in recycling their old mobile phones and devices. This revelation has prompted the company to encourage Australians to make a proactive change this holiday season by recycling or trading in their old and unused phones.

The studies indicate that over 22.3 million redundant mobile phones are gathering dust in drawers and cupboards throughout the country. These devices frequently end up in landfill due to short device lifecycles and limited repair options. This factor has significantly contributed to making e-waste the fastest-growing waste category in Australia.

According to a spokesperson from Vodafone, "We are facing a growing e-waste problem in Australia, but together we can make a positive change." The telecom company supports MobileMuster, a free recycling program aimed at curbing the ever-increasing e-waste problem in the country. The program simplifies phone recycling and promises several benefits to the environment, from saving energy to reducing landfill e-waste and carbon emissions, at no cost to the user.

MobileMuster champions the recycling of old phones by ensuring more than 89% of materials are recycled and all personal data is fully removed. The spokesperson continued, “With Vodafone, you can trade in your old device for a new upgrade or a credit on your bill. Every phone that can’t be re-used will be recycled with MobileMuster - and yes, that even means your phone from 2010 with a broken screen."

In an effort to facilitate both environmental sustainability and consumer savings, Vodafone is stirring up interest by offering substantial returns for trading in old mobile phones and devices. The Vodafone spokesperson added, “There’s a treasure trove of old phones and devices tucked away in the desk drawers and cupboards of homes all around the nation."

Australia's battle with e-waste is escalating and Vodafone's recycling initiative looks promising in its potential to mitigate the issue. By trading in or recycling outdated phones, consumers can not only play a part in tackling the e-waste issue but also take a step towards a more sustainable future.