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Vonage to boost Southern Cross Credit Union's customer support
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

Vonage, the global cloud communications frontrunner, has been chosen to assist Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU), a New South Wales, Australia, community-focused organisation, in accentuating its customer support services across Australia. With the aid of Vonage Fusion, a solution embodying Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS), SCCU customers gain access to top-notch UCaaS and CCaaS solutions integrated with contemporary business productivity tools.

The collaboration between SCCU and Vonage aims to enhance employee and customer engagement at each interaction. SCCU is leveraging its existing investment in Salesforce, marrying Vonage Fusion's contact centre capabilities with deep integration into Service Cloud. This results in a communication platform where UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can work synchronously across various departments and adapt to the business's altering needs.

SCCU's decision to adopt Vonage Fusion aims to bolster its support to customers across Australia, a move crucial to its expansion strategy without compromising on the quality of service. This endeavour aligns with SCCU's customer-centric strategy, with people and conversations forming the core of the company's operations.

Tara Armbruster, Customer Service Centre Manager, SCCU, elaborates on the changing business landscape, stating, "Over the past few years, we have experienced significant growth as a credit union, but, like everyone else, we were forced to adjust the way we do business when the pandemic hit. Consequently, our call centre became a much bigger focus."

According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, more than 95% of businesses regard the close integration of UCaaS and CCaaS applications as crucial to their organisation. Vonage Fusion has emerged as a prime choice for businesses seeking to foster agility, build differentiation, and boost customer loyalty by offering personalised and seamless customer and employee experiences through a single solution.

Armbruster appreciates that Vonage Fusion allows its team to "seamlessly integrate its contact centre with Salesforce Service Cloud", granting them access to a dynamic dashboard across a single pane of glass. This gives them control and oversight into their front office and back office in one single place. "When a call comes in, we know exactly who that person is, so we can pull up their data before even saying hello and we feel like we are one step ahead," Armbruster added.

Vonage Fusion's offering goes hand in hand with businesses like SCCU, which are entering the next level of digital transformation. The integration of the employees' need to connect and collaborate with deep customer engagement positions SCCU on a trajectory of increased agility and lower operational costs.

Ron Maayan, SVP of Product Management for Vonage, expressed delight over their collaboration with SCCU, stating, "We are thrilled to work with innovative businesses like SCCU to create exceptional employee and customer experiences in a world where digital engagement is on the rise, and effective communication with customers and collaboration among team members are both essential for success."

Nancy Jamison, Senior Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan, echoes Maayan's sentiments, stating, "This is creating an amplified need for agility, transparency and seamless communication across the business for organisations. By unifying both front and back offices, the convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, all employees become integral to the customer experience, making it easier to build the kind of engagement that helps businesses stand out in a crowded and competitive landscape."