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WaveMaker recognised as Major Contender in low-code platform industry
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

WaveMaker, a company specialising in low-code platform development for high-stakes software, has been recognised as a Major Contender by the international research company Everest in its Low-code Application Development Platforms PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023.

This achievement validates WaveMaker's strategic investment in enhancing its technology platform to provide customers with the ability to incorporate state-of-the-art web and mobile technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) in order to modernise their software and user experience swiftly.

The assessment by Everest involved a comprehensive examination of 24 leading vendors. It underlined WaveMaker's strengths in customisability and its API-first approach in terms of low-code application development. The report also highlighted the platform's commercial flexibility, which makes it an economical and realistic option for businesses of all sizes.

A notable enhancement by WaveMaker was an extensive upgrade to Angular 14. This incorporated a feature that automatically upgrades all applications created on the platform to the new standard. As a result, developers are spared from having to perform this task manually. Furthermore, all new users are assured that all the applications they construct using the platform will be auto-upgraded with future releases. This is a defining characteristic of the developer experience offered by WaveMaker.

In the sphere of AI, WaveMaker's Autocode initiative is designed to eliminate the grunt work of development teams that offset the acceleration advantages from low-code platforms. Through Autocode for Figma, WaveMaker demonstrated its capacity to turn design files into fully functioning web apps in a single step by utilising a blend of Generative AI and Neural Network techniques in conjunction with WaveMaker's open code generation.

WaveMaker has also fashioned AI-based tools for developers to examine existing apps for components that can be modified and reused in a fresh application. This component discovery capability accelerates the pace of WaveMaker teams significantly as the number of apps in the enterprise expands.

Vijay Pullur, Co-Founder and CEO of WaveMaker, remarked, "As we turn the page to 2024, we are excited to embrace the opportunities at the cusp of AI and newer web technologies. Our focus on equipping developers with the appropriate tools to create features expected from smart, modern applications in the post-AI era will guide our growth in 2024."

"We trust that our customers will opt to strategically incorporate AI-driven features in their software."

Last year, WaveMaker was honoured with five analyst recognitions. Among these was the Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2023, underscoring its suitability for constructing customisable commercial products.

Furthermore, WaveMaker was recognised as the industry's most open low-code development platform that empowers high coders to develop high-stakes, long-lasting custom applications by the Low-code Application Development Platforms PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 report by Everest and the Omdia Universe: No Code, Low Code Solutions, 2023–2024.

Such accolades mirror WaveMaker's dedication to excellence and the positive impact of its strategic direction. As 2024 dawns, WaveMaker is anticipating considerable customer growth and persistent success.