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Foldable news stories

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Foldable screens and wireless headsets among the top predicted consumer trends
New research has revealed that devices with foldable screens will reach nearly 10% of all smartphone sales by 2030.
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Foldable phones to reach market value of $29B, IDC finds
Despite their small market share, foldables represent a major opportunity for vendors and is a segment that can't be ignored.
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ASUS showcases latest lineup at the Incredible Unfolds virtual launch event
ASUS has announced its latest lineup at the Incredible Unfolds virtual launch event, including the foldable Zenbook 17 Fold OLED and the Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition.
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Windows 10
Intel to release new hybrid Core processors
Codenamed Lakefield, the Intel Core processors with Hybrid technology provide a full Windows experience for ultra-light devices.
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Samsung commits to foldables with the Galaxy Z Flip
The Galaxy Z Flip is a 6.7-inch phone that features a ‘Hideaway Hinge’ to fold into half the size. 
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Microsoft shows off dual-screen Surface tech
Has the company figured out the answer to the elusive dual-screen touch device?
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Lenovo unveils ‘world’s first foldable PC’
We’ve seen the foldable phones and the somewhat mixed reactions to them, but now Lenovo has thrown its hand in the ring with a PC.
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Gartner: foldable phones could give device market new life
“Unless new models provide significant new utility, efficiency or experiences, users don’t want or need to upgrade.”