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Major media companies sign new online safety framework for Aotearoa
A new joint development between Netsafe and some of the world's leading social media companies is set to provide Kiwis with safer online experiences.
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Increase in ransomware attacks targeting organisations during the holiday period
Researchers also observed a 70% average increase in attempted ransomware attacks in November and December compared to January and February. 
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Data Privacy
Kiwis have a strong distrust over how companies use their personal data
The majority of New Zealanders are concerned about data privacy, with 53% stating companies are requesting too much personal information.
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Mistrust amongst online shoppers over data privacy fears
Much of this mistrust resides in how companies are perceived to be using customer data.
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Remote Working
Mozilla launches first ever VPN, Kiwis amongst first to access
The increase in reliance on home networks presents an opportunity for people to review their online security and privacy. How to stay safe online has become part of the new normal discussion."
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Scam warning: Fake Google reviews and business listings targeting the vulnerable
"Essentially people are doing this because people are easy to scam when they are anxious, desperate or in trouble."
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Online Safety
People and data privacy: The insights (and contradictions)
39% of people would take money in exchange for giving a stranger complete access to their private data online.
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Renewed concerns over use of personal data, according to survey
“There is wide appeal for more permissions over how organisations access their identity data, and the choice to view and manage this in one secure place."
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Kiwis know security is important, but they're not doing much about it
Only 49% of respondents use antivirus software and even fewer – just 19% -  change their passwords regularly.
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Kaseya expands IT assessment and compliance software portfolio
Kaseya recently announced the acquisition of RapidFire Tools, expanding their IT assessment and compliance software portfolio.
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Why urgent action is needed to protect privacy in cyberspace
Joseph Cannataci, who is exploring avenues for protecting cyberspace privacy, said it was both urgent and essential for countries to act together.
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Hands-on review: Norton WiFi Privacy, is it worth the price?
Security threats are a major concern, and these threats are only becoming more prominent as we connect more devices to the internet.
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Internet of Things
Is the IoT putting Kiwis at risk?
New Zealand consumers are embracing IoT devices, but opening their homes to cybersecurity risks.
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Artificial Intelligence
Why machine learning is essential for cybersecurity
AI has been presented as a silver bullet for malware, but businesses struggle to implement it correctly.
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Who's that in your network? Security strategies to take control of every user group
The retail sector is one of the most lucrative sectors for cyber attackers. SonicWall can help you navigate the challenges & build a security system.
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Calls for submissions on updates to NZ Search and Surveillance Act 2012
"It’s important that any recommendations for change take the public’s views into account. I encourage anyone with an interest to make a submission."
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Payment gateways
Kiwis ditch cash, embrace digital payments
“New Zealanders are early adopters of technology and are increasingly seeking fast, convenient and secure ways to pay."
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Kiwis overconfident when it comes to online security
Symantec says that despite the concern and awareness of cybercrime, consumers are overconfident in their online security behaviours.
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New security app from ESET to protect children online
“The problem is [kids are] unaware of the possible risks online and may put themselves in danger of lurking predators and inappropriate web content."
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Online security
Digital citizens need more vigilance about online safety
Digital citizens, from consumers and SMBs to multinationals, are being encouraged to increase their awareness about safe internet use.
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The generation most at risk of online threats in NZ? Millennials.
“However millennials are also the generation most willing to gamble their privacy and security in exchange for a life online."
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VPN technology: Protecting your online life
"Online privacy is a growing concern for many demographics but many people don't know what to do about it."
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Trend Micro
Kiwis: Are you as safe as you think you are online?
“Consumers need to be aware that their everyday activities on their mobile devices may lead to a new pathway for individuals to exploit their data."
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AVG Technologies
AVG Technologies snaps up Privax, global privacy provider
"Privacy is the new currency of the digital era, particularly as the internet population is expected to double over the next five years."