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Security vulnerabilities news stories - Page 4

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Security vulnerabilities
Forget endpoints—it’s time to secure people instead
Security used to be much simpler: employees would log in to their PC at the beginning of the working day and log off at the end. That PC wasn’t going anywhere, as it was way too heavy to lug around.
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PrinterLogic software vulnerable to remote attacks
The vulnerabilities affect PrinterLogic versions and older.
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Smart Home
Security alert: More than 2 million IoT devices are now junk
More than two million security cameras, baby monitors, and smart doorbells are affected by security vulnerabilities that could allow cybercriminals to hack devices and spy on homes.
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Too many 'critical' vulnerabilities to patch? Tenable opts for a different approach
Tenable is hedging all of its security bets on the power of predictive, as the company announced general available of its Predictive Prioritisation solution within
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Aura Infosec discovers major Mozilla Firefox vulnerability
Alex Nikolova made the discovery while conducting a research project on the same-origin policy of various web browsers.
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Open source
Sonatype and HackerOne partner on open source vulnerability reporting
Without a standard for responsible disclosure, even those who want to disclose vulnerabilities responsibly can get frustrated with the process.
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Check Point
Check Point names February’s most disruptive malware
Check Point’s researchers confirm Coinhive holds the top position in February's Top Malware index for fifteenth successive month before it shut down, while GandCrab distribution campaigns increase.
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Internet of Things
Logitech Harmony Hub vulnerabilities leave devs fuming
Logitech has bowed to public pressure and reinstated a developer firmware version of its popular Harmony Hub, after it was revealed that the Hub had critical security flaws.
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Security vulnerabilities
GitHub's Bug Bounty program gets bigger
GitHub’s Bug Bounty program is now five years old and to mark the occasion it has revamped the program’s scope, rewards, and new legal rules.
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IBM X-Force Red & Qualys introduce automated patching
IBM X-Force Red and Qualys are declaring a war on unpatched systems, and they believe automation is the answer.
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Online voting
Swiss Post asks public to hack its e-voting system
Switzerland’s postal service Swiss Post is inviting keen-eyed security experts and white hats to hack its e-voting system.
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Security flaw in Xiaomi electric scooters could have deadly consequences
An attacker could target a rider, and then cause the scooter to suddenly brake or accelerate.
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Bug makes Android phones hackable via PNG image files
This means any application handling PNG files that have been carefully crafted by an attacker can end up running the attacker’s code.
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APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234: How to communicate with the board
The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s standard, CPS 234, is aimed at minimising the threat of cyber attacks for APRA-regulated entities.
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Cyber threat spotlight: Kiwis report more, lose less in Q2
CERT NZ’s April-June 2018 Quarterly Report suggests that cyber threats – and the amount of people who are reporting them – are once again on the rise, and fewer people are losing money.
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2018 proves to be a mixed bag of severe cyber threats, report finds
There are more than 100,000 known vulnerabilities that are open to exploitation from attackers.
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Schneider Electric
Quick thinking remedies vulnerability in Schneider Electric ICS controller
Radiflow discovered that a serious vulnerability in the devices put the safety and availability of ICS networks in jeopardy.
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MikroTik routers in NZ may be at risk of cryptomining - Symantec
These routers are used by many organisations and businesses, including internet service providers.
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Flaw discovered in Intel chips, allows attackers to steal cloud data
Foreshadow is the third major flaw found in Intel chips this year after Spectre and Meltdown.
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Exclusive interview: Major MFA vulnerability discovered in Microsoft’s ADFS
This exploit gives an actor an incredible advantage to expand compromises significantly.
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At-work collaboration apps most vulnerable to cyber attacks
According to a survey of 500 decision makers across several industries, 80% believe that cloud collaboration tools are vulnerable to cyber attacks.
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Google Chrome launches new feature to block Spectre attacks
The next update to Google Chrome will bring new protections against web browser attacks such as Spectre.
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GitHub rolls out security alerts feature for Python
“Over the coming weeks, we will be adding more historical Python vulnerabilities to our database. "
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Use of banking trojans up 50%, cryptomining still dominant malware – report
Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals that Trojan malware families enter Top 10 Most Wanted Ranking; Cryptomining remains top of the list.