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Entrust launches a fully digital, seamless travel solution
Entrust has announced its expansion to the travel industry with its Seamless Travel Solution, a fully-digital travel service. 
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AsianWallets teams up with Japan's Globepay an Trysee
The three parties will provide local payment services and exclusive benefits for members, targeting Southeast Asian tourists traveling Japan.
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Kiwi tourism startups making tracks in NZ and abroad
“There’s been talk of the New Zealand tourism industry slowing down. Because of that, I think it’s more important than ever that New Zealand fosters innovation in the tourism industry, and that’s exactly what Lightning Lab Tourism has been about."
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Commerce Systems
AirPass and 18Communications team up to target Chinese tourism in Aus
To caplitalise on the tourist trade and to make the tourists’ experience as enjoyable as possible, AirPass has partnered with 18Communications to assist local businesses targeting Chinese shoppers.
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NZ Geographic uses VR to show off NZ’s beauty
There’s no doubt that we live in a beautiful country and New Zealand Geographic’s new virtual reality project certainly proves it.
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R&D Tax Incentive a welcome boost for tourism sector - TECNZ
The government’s new R&D Tax Incentive could be a breakthrough for the tourism sector’s ability to innovate, adapt and change.
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Artificial Intelligence
Social media key to understanding sustainable tourism
“This is an exciting research opportunity to harness the power of social media analysis and artificial intelligence techniques to gain valuable insights into visitor perception, which can in turn inform industry practices and policy-making."
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Kiwi locals can now share 'Experiences' with Airbnb travellers
Kiwis who fancy themselves local experts now have the chance to become ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ through Airbnb.
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Digital Transformation
Why tech can help future-proof NZ's tourism industry
"What innovations or artificial intelligence might we be using to enhance the visitor experience, what does our future workforce look like?"
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Massey University
Bungy jumping from an airship over Queenstown could be a reality - one day
"I have to admit it really surprised me that over 30% of participants were willing to pay to do that.”
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Tourists want contactless as spend into NZ grows
Visa has released a report showing that tourist spend in NZ is growing and they want to use contactless payment systems.
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Payment gateways
BNZ merchant customers to get Alipay this year
BNZ is the first Kiwi bank to offer the option to accept Alipay which should roll out in July following the trial currently underway.
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Tourism evolving into a tech business - MYOB
"Tourism is becoming a tech business and it is important for local operators to think about how they can incorporate the latest developments."
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Auckland Airport announces $100,000 grant
One grant of $100,000 will be awarded to support the development of a strategy that uses ‘out of the ordinary’ thinking to promote NZ.
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The evolution of Kiwi success story Magic Memories
“It’s been encouraging to see the successful evolution of Magic Memories over the past five years.”
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Forget rugby & tourism...NZTech's CEO on what Apple's latest acquisition means for us
"New Zealand is becoming one of the top 10 tech countries in the world. We are not just rugby and tourism anymore.”
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Auckland Transport
New transport app to make Queenstown more accessible during snow season
With nearly 2 million tourists visiting Queenstown annually, the Choice app will provide visitors with all the information they need to know.
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NZ tech unknown in Asia - we need to do more to put NZ on the map
“New Zealand has invested heavily in promoting education and tourism for decades, which is why we are so well known in Asia for these industries."
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Data analytics
New tech gives NZ tourism industry more insight into visitor travel patterns
“Tourism New Zealand laid out a very clear strategic goal – sustain and improve the experience of visitors and host communities."
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Digital video
Lake Wanaka draws travellers to the region with hyperlapse video
Lake Wanaka Tourism has commissioned a hyperlapse video to showcase the location to a global audience.
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Statistics NZ
NZ guest nights jump to a record in September on rise in international travellers
International guests nights rebounded 2.1 percent to a seasonally adjusted 1.145 million in September.