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70% of Rackspace Technology employees trained in Gen AI
Tue, 5th Mar 2024

Rackspace Technology, a foremost international provider of managed cloud services, has declared a significant achievement in its persistent commitment to workforce improvement. The company reveals that an impressive 70% of its employees, colloquially known as "Rackers," have completed their training on Gen AI. This signifies a pivotal step in the strategic advancement of the firm.

Rackers comprise an integral part of Rackspace Technology's chief initiative, the Foundry for Generative AI by Rackspace (FAIR). FAIR is an international consortium of AI experts dedicated to escalating the credible adoption of Responsible AI resolutions in businesses spanning various industries. This accomplishment is seen as a component of the broader FAIR initiative.

The aim of the Gen AI training programme is to stimulate substantial results for clients, assimilating AI into the operations of Rackspace Technology smoothly and effortlessly. The curriculum encompassed an extensive array of subjects, such as the basics of machine learning, data analysis, and pragmatic applications of artificial intelligence, all in the setting of Rackspace Technology's service provisions.

The Rackers who completed the programme exhibited a profound comprehension of how Gen AI could be employed to optimise infrastructure, fortify security protocols, and enhance overall service delivery. This training initiative stresses Rackspace Technology's dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements.

With its continued investments in the professional growth of its workforce, Rackspace Technology remains staunch in its commitment to providing matchless expertise and assistance to its clientele in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The Gen AI training ties in with the company's vision of turning into a 100% AI-ready firm within the ensuing 12 months.

Amar Maletira, the CEO of Rackspace Technology, emphasises the rapid pace of technological advancement, highlighting AI as central to this transformation. He stresses the importance of Rackspace becoming a leader in AI through their FAIR initiative, positioning AI not just as an opportunity but as a necessity for the industry.

Maletira underscores Rackspace's dedication to customer success, continuous learning, and adaptability, expressing the ambitious goal of having the majority of its employees accredited through FAIR Learn. Maletira said, "With FAIR, we are striving to be the AI leader in our industry; in this endeavour, AI ceases to be just an opportunity; it turns into a necessity."

Maletira continued, "As Rackers, we take pride in our unflinching commitment to customer success, ceaseless learning, and adaptability. Our audacious goal with FAIR Learn is to have the lion's share of our Rackers accredited. With such a commitment, we take a bold leap towards a future where we embrace AI and drive innovation to shape the fate of our company, clients, and the world."

Rackspace Technology's devotion to creativity and expertise endures in propelling its leadership role in the managed cloud services industry, proffering clients pioneering solutions to keep up with their evolving business requirements.