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Adobe plans innovative audio editing update for Premiere Pro
Wed, 17th Jan 2024

Adobe has announced an innovative new audio experience in the beta version of its Premiere Pro software, plans to introduce ahead of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. This crucial update is set to make editing faster and easier, assisting veterans in the industry while allowing beginners to quickly reach the tools they need.

The new audio features include interactive fade handles that enable users to effortlessly create custom audio fades. Another aspect is its AI-powered audio category tagging, which can automatically identify dialogue, music, sound effects or ambience. This not only labels these components neatly but lets the editors gain instant access to the tools most relevant for each type of audio.

Ashley Still, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud, noted, "Sound creates meaning and adds impact to film and video - it has the power to help tell a story, and move us in ways visuals alone cannot." She stated that Adobe was proud to help filmmakers utilise new workflows to make audio editing more intuitive, allowing both fresh industry entrants and experienced professionals to find the perfect tools quickly.

The updated workflows offer everything required to precisely control and enhance the audio quality, freeing up significant time for editors to concentrate on their most potent talent - storytelling. Furthermore, Adobe's cutting-edge AI technology, Enhance Speech, which instantaneously eliminates unwanted noise and improves poorly recorded dialogues, will become available to all Premiere Pro users come February.

For the sixth consecutive year, Adobe's creative tools have proven the most sought-after among Sundance Film Festival filmmakers. According to the annual Sundance Institute survey, Premiere Pro is the festival's most favoured video editing software. Over half (57%) of Sundance films, including the likes of 'Ddi', 'Will & Harper', 'FRIDA', 'Thelma', and 'Little Death', have utilised the software for editing. Almost 83% of the 2024 films made use of one or more Adobe Creative Cloud services, inclusive of After Effects, Photoshop and the Substance 3D Collection.

Alex Regalado of Duplass Brothers Productions speaks highly of Adobe's offerings, saying, "Because our show Penelope was shot in the beautiful but remote forests of Washington, we had to think creatively in terms of our post workflow. Premiere Pro, Camera to Cloud and gave us the power to keep everyone connected." His team was spread across multiple geographical locations - Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.

Other industry leaders frequently turn to Adobe for their editing, title design, and visual effects needs. In the previous year alone, over 25 award-winning television shows and films have used Adobe's video tools at the core of their post-production workflows.