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Aqua named market champion in software supply chain security
Mon, 28th Aug 2023

Cloud native security company Aqua Security has announced that it was named a market champion and an overall leader in the 2023 KuppingerCole Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS) Leadership Compass.

The company also ranked as a leader in every subcategory: market, product and innovation. 

The leadership compass gives insight into the emerging end-to-end Software Supply Chain Security market, and evaluated nine vendors across the industry on key categories to help companies find the solution that best meets their needs.

Recent research by Aqua Nautilus has demonstrated the increasing volume of supply chain attacks and the potentially devastating impact these threats can have on organisations and their stakeholders.

As a result, businesses and governments have taken note and are focusing on integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of software throughout its lifecycle.

The KuppingerCole report examined the market segment, vendor service functionality, relative market share and innovative approaches to providing SSCS solutions to evaluate vendors. The report ranked Aqua a leader in every category because of its innovation, large market presence and strong platform.

According to the report, “Aqua Security provides a strong cloud-native platform with its Software Supply Chain Security module’s source code and build integrity capabilities, with particular strength in container security features. Aqua should be on the shortlist for organisations considering an Software Supply Chain Security solution".

“Given the demonstrated threats to the software supply chain and the significant security gap in how organisations address them, software supply chain security should be top of mind for businesses today,” says Gilad Elyashar, Chief Product Officer at Aqua Security.

“As the first to integrate Software Supply Chain Security into a unified cloud native security platform, Aqua provides customers with a single solution to protect from code to cloud and back," he says. 

"This report validates Aqua’s market leadership as a comprehensive Cloud Native Application Protection Platform and a pioneer in the cloud security space.”

Recently, Aqua’s cyber threat research team, Aqua Nautilus, found significant vulnerabilities and ongoing attack campaigns on key components of the software supply chain, such as multiple flaws in Microsoft PowerShell Gallery, GitHub repo-jacking and numerous publicly accessible artefact and container image registries.

The Aqua software supply chain solution is part of Aqua’s fully integrated Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), the Aqua Platform. 

It is the only code to cloud and back solution that ensures protection across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) to help organisations proactively prevent and stop supply chain attacks on cloud native applications.