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Ataccama introduces generative AI features in platform upgrade
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

In a significant development in the data management sector, Ataccama has unveiled advanced Generative AI features in the new version of its platform, Ataccama ONE. Integrated into version 15, these advanced features will allow users to extract data insights in less time than ever, offering an intuitive dashboard capable of providing enriched insights using AI-augmented suggestions. The platform enables data teams to actively validate data at source while transforming and purifying existing data. This development is projected to save time previously spent on manual tasks remarkably.

Ataccama ONE is a unified, AI-powered data management platform designed for automated data quality, data governance, and master data management across cloud and hybrid environments. These upgrades are poised to expedite the process of data quality transformation for enterprises and help users derive reliable insights for accelerating business initiatives.

Speaking on the capabilities of v15, Catherine Yoshida, Manager of Data Governance and Data Architecture, IT Corporate, at Teranet, espoused the product's merits, "One of the major reasons I invested into Ataccama is because of their product roadmap. With the updates in version 15, it means I can grow Ataccama in the business alongside our own growth; we grow together!"

"Ataccama ONE really is a one-stop solution. That means everyone is capable of fully understanding our data asset inventory to power the next stage of our growth and ambitions," said Yoshida. 

Ataccama ONE v15 provides comprehensive self-service functionality and a Generative AI-enhanced interface aimed at ensuring faster user workflows. The platform's extended AI features furnish an assisted user experience, allowing users to obtain data insights rapidly with the help of simple plain text language and reviewing AI-augmented suggestions.

Moreover, Users can now detect and rectify potential issues much earlier by validating data at the source and transforming and cleansing existing data in minutes. This will ultimately enable them to move their focus from routine, manual tasks to more valuable work.

Commenting on the release, Jessica Smith, VP of Data Quality at Ataccama, said, "Giving our customers greater control over their data modernisation strategy is central to helping them manage and share trustworthy data across their entire organisation. Our highly available, cloud-based platform removes the need for organisations to manage the product so they can focus on managing their data, delivering value to the business and contributing to company goals."

"With this release, we are empowering all users in data-driven enterprises, both business and technical, to support their AI-driven initiatives and the development of mature, company-wide data literacy strategies," said Smith. 

Ataccama ONE v15 boasts several unique features, including an unrivalled speed and simplicity in its cloud-based platform, enhanced AI capabilities to support all users and improved insights to deliver business value. The redesigned data lineage visualisation diagram aids an improved understanding of data with upstream and downstream analysis of data lineage, enabling faster resolution of DQ issues and thus enhancing overall data maturity within the company.