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Atos launches employee experience solution for new frontier of work
Mon, 14th Jun 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Atos has launched its Engaged Employee Experience solution set, designed to support organisations to respond to the challenges of 2021.

Engaged Employee Experience includes the latest tools and technologies, consulting capabilities, and new and existing partnerships with experts.

It combines both traditional Digital Workplace solutions with Employee Experience services.

According to Atos, Engaged Employee Experience focuses on:

Voice of the employee, including tools to measure, analyse and manage employee experience in real time from anywhere in order to effectively listen, understand, and act on employee experience.

Smart working, including consulting expertise and tools to help create and manage new smart and safe workspaces and hybrid working solutions which provide new collaborative and social experiences, connected to the rest of the world through immersive technologies.

Employee journeys solutions to enable a seamless employee workflow throughout their entire career lifecycle by integrating IT, HR and facilities so that employees benefit from an efficient consumer-like experience.

Accessibility to make workplaces inclusive by leveraging and integrating assistive technologies by design in all of its services and solutions.

Continuous learning and adoption, including step-by-step guidance, micro-learning, gamification and support to provide organisations and users with the skills to succeed and to prevent a digital divide in the workplace.

Citizen development, through giving employees the tools (low and no code platforms) to rebuild processes and tailor them to individual needs. In this way organisations can reduce pressure on IT teams and empower employees, Atos states.

Mental health, including sentiment analysis tools and solutions to build a resilient workforce and lower mental health related risk.

Enhanced consulting capabilities, including providing the expertise to connect people and technology, combining design thinking alongside the cultural challenges of individual organisations to build the most appropriate solutions for both clients and end users.

According to Forrester, C-level leaders are looking to establish anywhere-work strategies for the future. In fact, 75% of CEOs expect their office spaces to shrink.

In this context, Engaged Employee Experience supports businesses to effectively manage this new world of work, which brings challenges such as remote dispersed workforces, evolved employee expectations and increased mental illness, by equipping them with the right tools, expertise and capabilities for an engaged and thriving workforce, Atos states.

Atos CEO Elie Girard says, “COVID-19 has forced us to rely on new methods of communication and new ways of working, bringing forward a transition, which we have long predicted.

"In order to successfully embrace this new frontier of work, we need to redefine what it means to work collectively, inclusively and in a way that allows accessibility. It means more focus on employees than ever before, not just listening but enabling.

"There now needs to be a paradigm shift away from the focus on technology or experience, towards technology and experience, and performance and experience.

"Engaged Employee Experience is our approach to this new frontier of work, which brings together people, places and things to support our clients transform their organisations.