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Aussie cloud company boosts data centre agility with HPE SimpliVity

03 Aug 17

An Australian cloud company is deploying SimpliVity 380, a hyperconverged solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Brisbane-based Centra Networks has selected HPE SimpliVity 380 to streamline its corporate back-office and client-side systems and to improve its agility in the data centre. 

Centra Networks is a service provider that specialises in managed IT services, cloud & internet services, solutions and support.

To compete in an increasingly crowded cloud and service provider marketplace, Centra Networks is implementing a solution designed to maximise customer outcomes and minimise operational costs while aiming to improve performance and data protection outcomes.

Matthew Militano, CEO and director, Centra Networks, comments, “HPE addressed our need to streamline operations based on a small and scalable footprint, grow our cloud capabilities and enabled us to develop a business plan that helped us compete with more dominant players for new business opportunities with a differentiated offering.”

Militano says that challenge was to find a highly scalable platform that allowed the company to grow its processing capabilities and protection needs, while also being cost effective.

“HPE SimpliVity was the best solution to deliver quick speed of deployment and ultimate control over all facets of our clients’ workloads.”

Centra Networks had four racks of legacy infrastructure across two data centres in Brisbane and Sydney. HPE collapsed and converged these into four HPE SimpliVity nodes across both data centres.

The solution includes local and remote backup and recovery, as well as VM-centric management.

With an increase in ransomware attacks globally, HPE says SimpliVity 380’s automated disaster recovery addresses customer concerns around data security.

Militano adds, “Our increased agility has helped us better mitigate risk while protecting customers’ business critical data through both local and geo-diverse replication, all housed within Australia for customers with data sovereignty needs.”

Aiming to offer increased protection of valuable data, HPE claims customers can get back up and running in seconds rather than hours should an attack occur.

Raj Thakur, general manager, Data Centre & Hybrid Cloud Group, HPE South Pacific, says, “Our work with a service provider like Centra Networks is a great example of how HPE’s hyper converged solutions create a scalable platform that delivers faster responses to changing customer demands, improves performance and resilience while reducing costs.”

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