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Aussie corporate sector warned to enhance cloud security
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Ahead of World Cloud Security Day on the 3rd of April, Australian corporate sector, especially the business owners, has been alerted to fortify the security of their cloud-based digital assets. These warnings gain importance in the light of an Australian Government report that noted over 40 per cent of data breaches in the span of a year targeted cloud services, local systems, or entire networks.

Carl Filpo, the Managing Director of IT solutions company, CMTG, expressed his concerns over businesses' suspected lack of adequate security measures to guard their digital assets. The CMTG MD explained, "With an ever-increasing shift towards digital operations, this figure should be a warning to companies to invest in security for their digital assets." He went on to emphasise that, at CMTG, they defend their customers from an average of 1,800 cyber security threats and attacks daily.

Coupled with the significant instances of data breaches targeting cloud networks, Mr Filpo reiterated that businesses and organisations throughout Australia must consistently revise their digital defences to ensure they are updated. He remarked, "Cloud-based systems are vital for any business, and with more than a third of Australians working from home regularly, having a secure cloud service is more important now than ever before."

Mr Filpo stated that his firm, CMTG, had actively risen to this challenge by delivering a private cloud service that offered businesses scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. He further expounded, "With more businesses embedding remote and flexible working arrangements in their workplaces, many business owners are seeking safe, cost-effective, and efficient public cloud environments. Alternatively, organisations wanting to bolster their privacy even further can use our private cloud service that delivers a secure, dedicated environment for hosting their applications and data."

The Managing Director warned against curbing the investments in the security of digital assets, despite the rising costs impacting all organisations. He clarified, "Now is not the time to reduce investment in the security of your digital assets, and ultimately, your business."

CMTG’s partners, as per Mr Filpo, reap benefits from the company’s personalised advanced security measures, such as data encryption and cyber threat detection, which help ensure a secure cloud environment. As World Cloud Security Day approaches, he urged all Australians to prioritise the security of their cloud-based data and information.

Mr Filpo reaffirmed his company's commitment to digital security by stating, "Our digital defence experts at CMTG are determined to provide the highest level of security and efficiency for cloud services."