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Australian firms ramping up AI adoption across sectors
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

As per the leading Perth-based IT support and service firm, CMTG, businesses in Australia are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence (AI) as more sectors utilise AI-powered technologies to enhance operations.

CMTG's Managing Director, Mia Filpo, explained that the comprehensive advantages offered by the integration of AI into workflows have spurred its use in various domains such as medical, media, and mining sectors. "As its capabilities evolve, AI is proving to be a highly beneficial tool for businesses seeking to augment performance, streamline processes, and provide added support for their workforces," stated Filpo.

The extent to which AI can expedite work processes is best illustrated by the findings of Australia's national science agency CSIRO, wherein an automated robotic system could test 12,000 solar cells in 24 hours, compared to a mere 20 cells analysed by a research team in a day.

Interestingly, the application of AI is not limited to industrial or commercial domains. It has also played a significant role in enhancing mental health outcomes in Australia. Recent research conducted by the University of New South Wales enabled AI models to predict suicidal risks or tendencies for self-harm among teenagers.

AI is steadily transforming the way humans operate, whether it's predicting the spread of bushfires, creating textual or visual content, or helping miners locate previously unknown mineral deposits, remarked Filpo. However, she stressed on the paramountcy of Australians being cognisant of the potential risks posed by AI's proliferation across several sectors.

Despite a significant journey ahead in the evolution of AI, with ethical and moral concerns being primary, Filpo emphasised the need for managing and tempering any risks posed by its use. "This moment is significant as AI is integrating into a diverse range of industries and constantly upgrading. It's critical to manage the tech prudently and mitigate potential risks wherever applicable," Filpo explained.

The team at CMTG is determined to remain abreast of the latest in AI-driven technology. They are particularly adept at helping businesses navigate this evolving landscape, understand what data can be accessed by AI, and learn how to manage or limit this access appropriately.

Recent endeavours from CMTG include offering installation and support for Microsoft Co-Pilot, a platform that employs AI to assist Australia's small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with day-to-day tasks. This AI-driven program has made remarkable strides in aiding businesses to accomplish more tasks using fewer resources, thereby serving as an efficient co-pilot for staff managing their daily routines.

CMTG, which has provided IT solutions across Australia for more than 25 years, is open for discussions about artificial intelligence, particularly Microsoft Co-Pilot for businesses.