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BeyondTrust Remote Support 22.3 offers new tools for admin
Mon, 7th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

BeyondTrust has released BeyondTrust Remote Support 22.3, introducing new admin capabilities to improve time to value.

In addition, these new features provide more granular and integrated support for complex environments and large deployments.

The latest improvements make it faster for new users to get up to speed with the /login administrative interface.

BeyondTrust Remote Support includes new features to improve security, such as more granular outbound event notifications and the ability to more seamlessly launch elevated sessions.

"Service desk personnel need more granularity of permissions to support the diverse needs of in-office and remote workers, as well as third-party vendors," says Tal Guest, Product Management Senior Director, BeyondTrust.

"BeyondTrust Remote Support is addressing an expanded remote workforce business environment by enabling service desk representatives to obtain and analyse more information to streamline their job.

"This not only helps admins, but it also ensures users receive the help they need as quickly as possible."

BeyondTrust notes that with IT service desks coming up against an increasingly complex support environment, implementing flexible remote support options that scale, adapt and continue to meet stringent security requirements has become a vital need.

Further, many businesses continue to use a combination of remote access products, including free tools, that are incapable of scaling throughout their organisation and lack the security features needed to protect the enterprise from modern cyber attacks.

BeyondTrust Remote Support gives organisations the means to support a broad range of devices, such as unattended systems and IoT while increasing operational efficiency and minimising downtime and costs.

BeyondTrust Remote Support 22.3 new features and enhancements include:

Console /login Search

This feature saves time finding specific fields and policies within the administrative /login console.

Jump Client Elevated Sessions

This enables admins to initiate ad-hoc, elevated sessions from an existing Jump Client to simplify the user experience and provide admins with elevated rights to better address issues.

Jump Client Upgrade Granularity/Flexibility

A capability that allows admins to control when their Jump Clients upgrade after upgrading Remote Support site software and to test the upgrades of manually selected Jump Clients before rolling out new versions.

The update to its Remote Support offering comes after the company released BeyondTrust Password Safe 22.2.

New features in Password Safe improve an organisation's security posture by managing disconnected systems. According to the company, the new release lays the groundwork for the journey to zero-trust, expands capabilities for adding new service account use cases, improves administrative capabilities for managing dedicated accounts, and utilises privileged accounts for websites and applications.

BeyondTrust Password Safe combines privileged password and session management capabilities to discover, manage, and audit all privileged credential activity. It enables control of privileged user accounts, applications, SSH keys, cloud admin accounts, RPA, and more, with a searchable audit trail for compliance and forensics.