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Bitdefender to release new product line in 2016

By Shannon Williams, Thu 10 Sep 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Security software firm Bitdefender has announced it will release a new product line come 2016.

The new product line uses machine learning algorithms to enable the system to fight off new and unknown threats while maintaining maximum system performance.

These new technologies allow Bitdefender to detect and block new malware anywhere in the world in milliseconds with pinpoint accuracy, the company explains.

 “Bitdefender’s latest consumer product line proves that the company’s technology evolves faster than malware,” says Bitdefender’s chief security strategist Catalin Cosoi.

“Ransomware, although it might seem a relatively new phenomenon for most, is already a thing of the past for Bitdefender users.” Cosoi says.

“And all other threats are effectively dealt with while users maintain maximum computer performance and the simplicity of use that we strive for in all our products.”

To defeat ransomware, Bitdefender prevents untrusted applications from deleting or modifying your work documents, pictures or video in popular user folders.

In dual-layer protection, Ransomware Behavioral Detection (RBD) also analyses all applications for activity associated with ransomware and blocks any application that is taking steps to lock down data.

Bitdefender’s advancements allow it to process vast quantities of data worldwide in milliseconds to identify and neutralise new threats before they have a chance to spread, Cosoi says.

“The new Firewall offers superior performance in pinpointing intrusions, effectively filtering incoming and outgoing traffic, even over a Wi-Fi network.”

Cosoi  says Bitdefender has furthered its ‘ease of use’ policy with the new Bitdefender Central, a console that allows users to manage accounts, subscriptions and remote devices, and provides instant access to support.

Cosoi  says in order to simplify the journey from purchase to using the Bitdefender 2016 consumer line, products downloaded from Bitdefender Central accounts come pre-activated with the subscription and already linked to the customer’s account.

“The OneClick Security concept deploys features with a single click to keep your system running at top speed,” says Cosoi. “OneClick Optimizer keeps your system running at top speed and the exclusive technology of Bitdefender Photon gradually molds itself to your system to visibly improve system performance.

“Autopilot, crafted from Bitdefender’s decade of experience in the fight against malware, automatically takes the best security decisions for you so you can focus on the task at hand.”

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