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Codeless Platforms launches enhanced BPA Platform 2024
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Codeless Platforms has announced the launch of BPA Platform 2024, the latest iteration of its high-performing integration and business process automation software. Already widely utilised, the software has been enhanced with a raft of new features and functionalities.

The most notable improvements include multiple deployment options, multi-instance architecture, a Landscape Management Console, and a new data import/export tool for cloud-based file-sharing software. Users of BPA Platform 2024 can expect to significantly reduce their costs typically associated with data integration and business process automation while taking advantage of a rapid installation and configuration process. The software is also easily scalable.

When deployed as an iPaaS solution, BPA Platform 2024’s integration connectors and automation tools are handled by Codeless Platforms or the channel partner, depending on the business model. This arrangement allows end users to focus on their core business strategies without needing to purchase, deploy, and manage typical enterprise middleware solutions on-site.

Another compelling addition to the platform is the multi-instance architecture. This allows providers to roll out the BPA Platform in five minutes or less and host numerous instances on a single server. The customer benefits from a secure, isolated database and has the ability to implement their accessibility protocols. Further advantages of the multi-instance architecture include the swift onboarding of new customers, all without any negative impact on other instances.

The newly introduced Landscape Management Console enables both providers and users to effectively manage multiple servers and instances within a single ecosystem. Providers can also centrally receive error notifications for all customers hosted on their servers, improving service delivery.

Another new feature, the remote data relay system, has been designed to ensure seamless connectivity between a specific instance in a cloud environment and an individual resource on-premises. This is particularly useful when no direct network connection is available, and it includes end-to-end security with double encryption using AES256 to safeguard data fully.

The new version of the BPA Platform also introduces valuable file management tools capable of easily importing and exporting between systems, including top cloud-based file-sharing software such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Sue Dear, the Product Director of Codeless Platforms, commented on the new release: “Building upon the success of previous versions, BPA Platform 2024 has been developed to make integration and process automation even easier for our channel partners and end users.”

Dear said, “They now have the option to deploy BPA Platform in the cloud or on-premises, and can benefit from rapid installation, increased scalability and improved security. A host of new tools also help with the management of tasks and the automation of data. We believe that BPA Platform 2024 is one of the most powerful yet cost-effective integration and business process automation solutions available on the market.”

The latest version of the BPA Platform brings a new dynamic to business process automation, offering features and capabilities designed to enhance efficiency and, ultimately, success.