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ConnectWise announces updates and big wins at recent conference
Wed, 7th Jun 2023

ConnectWise, the software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), has hosted its annual cybersecurity conference, IT Nation Secure, to discuss challenges, opportunities, and solutions as it relates to some of the most pressing topics in the cybersecurity arena.

On the current cybersecurity landscape, Jason Magee, Chief Executive Officer of ConnectWise, comments, "We can't sit idly by or use the same methods of the past.

"Threat actors have motives. We need to understand them, prepare for them, and defend against them. Cybersecurity attacks continue to rise and there is a notable lack of confidence among SMBs about capabilities and resources to defend against bad actors. SMBs need a trusted partner to provide expertise, streamline processes and offer solutions in-house."

Magee comments, ConnectWise has invested significantly over the last five years to secure its partners, protect clients, and to help TSPs grow their cybersecurity practices.

The company shared its continued commitment and investments from its Partner Program that helps TSPs build and grow cybersecurity practices; to innovative solutions, services, and partnerships; to its threat-hunting Cyber Research Unit (CRU) and its proactive approach to information security leadership.

The latest from ConnectWise's Cyber Research Unit and SOC

ConnectWise's Cyber Research Unit (CRU) monitors the threat landscape and provides research into the company's cybersecurity products and SOC services to protect communities. As a result, CRU experts and SOC analysts often alert TSPs of threats ahead of the industry.

According to Raffael Marty, EVP and General Manager of Cybersecurity Management at ConnectWise, this proactive, round-the-clock security strategy has thwarted millions of attacksand hundreds of typeson TSPs in the past year alone.

Expanded, cross portfolio security capabilities for TSPs

ConnectWise's cybersecurity management solutions monitor 1.3 million events per second across 100,000 SMBs and 4 million devices. That number is growing as the company introduces new partnerships to support TSP security and growth.

At the IT Nation Secure event, the company announced enhancements and innovation powered by the Asio platform. With the platform's modern architecture, ConnectWise is making updates to its solutions monthly, weekly, and even daily in some cases. Some of the latest highlights within the security portfolio include:

  • ConnectWise SaaS Security: New capabilities are available including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace monitoring and alerting, self-service integrations, alert opt-in/out flexibility, and moreall with a user interface that fully lives within the Asio experience.
  • ConnectWise Vulnerability Management: Originally launched in the winter with on-demand vulnerability scanning, the solution has now expanded to include seamless vulnerability patching and remediation.
  • ConnectWise SIEM: This solution now also includes Microsoft Azure monitoring, EDR and IDS dashboards, a common event schema for easier log analyses, and improved historical data access.
  • ConnectWise SOC Services Hero Report: TSPs can now get advanced visibility within the Asio experience into the ConnectWise MDR service and the value the SOC provides. Graphic displays present insights on suspicious alerts, true and false positives, and investigated alerts.
  • ConnectWise RMM ConnectWise RMM will now offer network monitoring and management capabilities through an expanded partnership and seamless integration with Auvik; helping MSPs to easily see and manage their client networks.

Building on announcements with Exium and Evo Security in November, ConnectWise also announced a new collaboration with Proofpoint to help protect TSPs from email-borne attacks, which remain one of the most common attack vectors.

Knowing how critical it is to be up and running in the case of a security attack or breach, ConnectWise also announced Axcient, the specialist in appliance-based and direct to cloud backup, as its newest strategic backup vendor for ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup.

Now, ConnectWise partners can leverage ConnectWise NOC services with Axcient to save 80-90% of the time it takes to manage backup tasksfreeing up TSP techs, the company states. Also, a native integration for ConnectWise RMM allows TSP partners to deploy Axcient agents, monitor alerts, and set backup policies.

Success for security TSPs in the ConnectWise Partner Program

The ConnectWise Partner Program has rapidly expanded in recent years, increasing investment and enabling partners with the tools they need to build and grow their security businesses, the company states, and these efforts have paid off.

ConnectWise security partners in the program have about 10% higher recurring revenue than the average TSP, at a four times faster growth rate, and are 17% more profitable.

As part of this program, partners receive help building their cybersecurity practices, selling, and marketing. In 2022 alone, ConnectWise paid out over $3M in development funds to help TSPs with marketing activities.