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DDLS launches new online learning platform to support changing business needs
Fri, 11th Dec 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

DDLS has introduced a new online learning platform designed to help organisations upskill staff in high demand areas.

DDLS is Australia's largest provider of corporate IT and process training. The new offering, DDLS Plus, includes curated content, virtual learning labs, industry insights, and online access to expert instructors.

The benefits of DDLS Plus

The new online platform is designed to supplement DDLS' face-to-face learning experience (delivered virtually and in-person), and enables students to build on what they learn in the classroom for at least 12 months after they complete their DDLS course, the company states.

It gives students the autonomy to undertake additional study from home, boost learning outcomes and fill any knowledge gaps at their own pace.

It also provides students with valuable skills to help them prepare for future courses and certifications, according to the company.

A robust foundation

DDLS Plus utilises a team of industry-leading technical instructors, who are involved in content curation, ensuring the most relevant content is included in each course area.

These trainers will also be available to directly engage with students via the platform in upcoming releases.

Furthermore, the content is tailored specifically to the learning needs of the student and their organisation.

For example, if an employee has just undertaken a course in Microsoft Azure, they will be provided with relevant cloud computing courses to build on what they have just learnt, ensuring organisations are realising the full potential of their training investment.

Course content offerings

The platform is initially offering course content in three key areas of ICT: Cloud Computing, IT Service Management - DevOps, and Cybersecurity.

These areas were identified as the most in-demand training areas for organisations in DDLS' 2020 Customer Survey.

As part of a special launch offer, any student who books a training course during December or January in any of the key areas above will have the opportunity to access DDLS Plus for free for 12 months post course completion – a subscription normally valued at $495.

The impact of COVID-19

According to DDLS, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed organisations' attitudes to digital learning, resulting in an increased openness and willingness to invest in digital learning platforms.

With many organisations given no choice but to adopt digital learning over traditional classroom training, DDLS has seen a significant increase in preference for blended learning (a mix of online and classroom training), the company states.

DDLS' 2020 customer survey revealed that organisations' preference for blended training models increased from 28% to 54% between March and June 2020 alone.

In DDLS' 2020 Customer Survey, 56% of organisations surveyed stated that their employees attended at least three or more courses in the past 12 months, and 76% stated they were likely to send their employees to another course in the next 12 months, highlighting the need for continuous learning.

An ongoing need for technical training

DDLS CEO Jon Lang says, “Learning is a lifelong process, and should be continuous and on-demand. DDLS Plus provides us with a new medium to bring this continuous learning mantra to life, and provides customers with the best of both instructor-led training along with the flexibility of online learning.

"It's another step towards our commitment to help organisations fill critical ICT skills gaps, while enabling students to expand on their career potential.

He says, “We received several requests from students on further learning opportunities even after completion of their classroom or virtual training courses to help them transition between certifications.

"With the introduction of DDLS Plus, students can now continue learning long after their course is completed and make the most out of their investment.

Lang concludes, “Typically, students approach DDLS for IT technical training courses which run for between 3-5 days, and on many occasions, these students might only return to complete more training 6-12 months later.

"With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, and with so many organisations now being forced to fast-track their digital transformation journeys, IT skills training needs to be at the fingertips of employees 24-7.