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Dell claims most secure PCs with new BOIS verification

By Shannon Williams, Fri 5 Feb 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In response to increasing threat levels of malware in the enterprise, Dell has released the Dell Data Protection Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, which integrates Cylance technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent threats.

As part of the solution, Dell unveiled a new post-boot BIOS verification solution for Dell commercial PCs, which allows customers to ensure their device remains free from malware during the boot process.

The post-boot BIOS verification solution will be integrated on Dell commercial PCs with the purchase of the Dell Data Protection Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise license.

“The growing complexity of BIOS-specific attacks, and with new malware variants possessing the ability to reinstall themselves within the BIOS, organisations need a more sophisticated way to know that their systems have not been compromised,” says Brett Hansen, executive director, Data Security Solutions, Dell.

Dell’s unique post-boot BIOS verification technology for its commercial PCs gives IT the assurance that employees’ systems are secure every time they use the device, making them the most secure in the industry.” 

The new BIOS verification functionality uses a secure cloud environment to compare and test an individual BIOS image against the official measurements held in the Dell BIOS lab, Dell explains.

“By conducting this test in an off-device environment, users can be assured that the post-boot image is not compromised as the testing takes place in a secure cloud platform and not on a potentially infected device,” the company says.

According to Dell, the verification helps extend security throughout the entire device lifecycle and provides greater visibility for administrators wanting to stop malicious BIOS attacks.

The BIOS verification feature will initially be available on Dell’s range of commercial PCs with a 6th Generation Intel chipset, which includes Latitude PCs as well as select Dell Precision, OptiPlex, and XPS PCs and Dell Venue Pro tablets.

“The Dell Data Protection Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is the only endpoint security suite available today that integrates Cylance technology that employs artificial intelligence to protect against the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware including zero day attacks, and targeted attacks such as spear phishing and ransomware,” Dell explains.

According to Cylance testing, the new solution offers a significantly higher level of protection, stopping 99%of malware and advanced persistent threats.

"The combined Dell and Cylance advanced threat protection capability makes for the world’s most secure computing platforms,” adds Stuart McClure, CEO, Cylance.

“Global organisations, through Dell, can now feel confident in their ability to prevent a cyber attack from being successful.

“Whether an errant email link via a phishing attempt, invisible web site malicious software download or advanced nation-state targeted attack, we can stop them,” he says.

“The new Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is a single solution that simplifies endpoint security and compliance for overburdened IT departments so they can focus on enabling end user mobility and productivity.”

Key benefits include: 

No Signatures: The advanced threat protection technology is based on artificial intelligence and dynamic mathematical models with minimal false positives, eliminating the need for constant signature updates.

Consolidated Management and Compliance: Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise minimises the time and resources needed to manage endpoint security by allowing companies to remotely manage all components using a single, non-disruptive console that includes consolidated status and compliance reports. It also satisfies compliance with industry standards, meeting PCI DSS, HIPAA HITECH and Microsoft requirements for anti-virus and anti-malware solutions.

Proactive Prevention: Preventing malware significantly reduces remediation costs and employee down time associated with wiping the drive, reimaging the hard disk and reinstalling the operating system and application software.

Enhanced Performance and Security: Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise uses a fraction of the system resources, such as CPU or memory, associated with anti-virus and traditional malware solutions. Local detection with no need for a constant cloud connection ensures mobile workers can work where and how they want without worry.

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