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Enterprise content creation to be transformed Adobe's new GenStudio
Wed, 11th Oct 2023

Adobe has revealed GenStudio, an innovative solution aimed at speeding up enterprise content supply chains. The end-to-end solution harnesses the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate multiple stages of the content creation process, including conception, production and activation.

GenStudio boasts integrations across Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Express, and Experience Cloud, with Firefly at its core, a generative AI tool designed to help brands meet the escalating requirement for content. The solution features cutting-edge customisation options and application interfaces (APIs), allowing brands to streamline their content supply chains utilising their distinctive assets.

Adobe's SVP of Digital Experience Business, Amit Ahuja, noted, "Demand for content shows no signs of slowing, with nearly two-thirds of customer experience professionals expecting demand to rise five-fold over the next two years. Adobe GenStudio can take tasks that would normally take hours or days down to minutes, providing speed without any compromise to quality or brand consistency."

The robust offering extends across content ideation, creation, production, and activation. Express and Firefly can make instant edits on digital content that is designed to be safe for commercial use in Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Furthermore, GenStudio integrates Adobe Workfront,, Creative Cloud, and Experience Manager to drive integrated workflows and content reuse, accelerating and optimising traditionally, lengthy and expensive processes. It even offers real-time performance insights via Adobe Analytics to help teams better understand the content that resonates.

Originally designed to offer commercially safe content, Firefly’s capabilities have now been expanded via GenStudio. Companies can now swiftly move from ideation to content delivery across any platform, enhancing customer experiences. Businesses can even customise Firefly models using their own assets and brand-specific content. This advanced functionality accommodates seamless connectivity for AI-generated content to services revolving around editing, collaboration, and activation.

Incorporating new automation capabilities based on APIs allows enterprises to fully integrate bespoke Firefly models into their Creative Cloud workflows. This serves to streamline and dramatically accelerate content supply chains while facilitating personalised customer experiences at large scale.

Lilly Raymond, the head of marketing technology and operations at Prudential Financial, stated, "Personalising experiences at scale is key to building consumer trust while helping expand access to financial services. We have had great success working with Adobe to optimise our content supply chain, and Adobe GenStudio allows us to unlock the power of generative AI in accelerating the delivery of new content experiences."

Adobe has successfully utilised GenStudio to accelerate its own content supply chains, powering digital marketing efforts. The company has used generative AI to increase the volume of content created for Adobe's social media, reduce production times for social media campaigns by 33 percent, and achieve a 12 percent lift in the average clickthrough rate for email marketing campaigns.