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Equipping your core applications with cloud intelligence

Wed, 9th Dec 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

What makes an organisation digitally different? Does it stand out from competitors, and is it thriving - particularly during these uncertain times?

If an organisation is holding on to an ageing technology stack, it could be hindering business growth. CEOs and the board may argue that it's simply too expensive, or too risky, to replace that stack with modern systems, but the reality is that it is almost impossible to transform a business into a customer-centric powerhouse without new technologies.

Almost every pathway is fettered with different elements of risk - but did you know organisations can remove risk from the business by moving certain parts of the IT environment to the cloud?

The benefits of doing so are immense: By maximising the benefits of the cloud, an organisation not only has access to a vast range of different platforms and opportunities, but you'll also find previously unknown process efficiencies, better ways of tracking business activity - and most importantly - better ways of making decisions.

A cloud-enabled platform should not just be built for your business now, it should also be futureproofed. For example, what does it need to integrate with now, and how can that integration accommodate future projects? Application programming interface (API) layers and other integration points need to reflect what your business might need in the years ahead.

But before an organisation seeks out cloud opportunities, it needs to prepare in other ways.

It is possible to take the ethos of agile software development and teams and apply it to existing ways of working. But to gain the full benefits, agile requires forward-thinking staff who can work with the right technologies to evolve and improve an organisation so that it becomes truly 'digitally different'. This can be addressed by retraining your team or by engaging with a partner who can work alongside your team to provide the capability uplift required.

Another key issue to be aware of is how easy it is to default to a mindset of adding new software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to a cloud platform, as they can often result in disparate and frustrating data siloes.

With the right data governance approach, such as decentralising data, all applications that are added to your business can trust, produce, and utilise high-quality, reliable data.

Once an organisation knits all of these together into a modernised system, three benefits will quickly emerge:

  • Increased speed to market of new products, features, or enhancements
  • Connected datasets mean better, more informed decisions can be made that lead to achieving sustained success and desired outcomes.
  • Greater ability to track performance and measure success on a range of functions across the business.

Jade's Cloud Services can help your organisation to transform and become digitally different.

Jade customers can design, develop and manage their need for modern digital applications that utilise AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure effectively against the core needs of their business, and enable the drive for new and exciting customer experiences.

In addition to modern applications, customers get the confidence to focus on their core customers and business models, knowing that their move to a digital future is becoming a reality rather than just a strategy.

What's more, customers are supported by a partner who is motivated by not only creating an awesome customer experience but also by building a lasting relationship for years to come.

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