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Evolt 360's new app version offers personalised health journey
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

Health and wellness technology provider, Evolt 360, has unveiled the latest version of its Evolt Active app. Known as an advanced body composition analytics pioneer, Evolt 360's updated application introduces an innovative blend of support, insight and unique success pathways for users, built to aid them in their journey towards improved body composition and overall health.

The newly updated app offers a comprehensive and bespoke user experience designed with the individual in mind that offers an array of tools catering to their specific goals. Its user-friendly design and effortless functionality turn the application into a gateway for users to experience body composition transformation, supported by an ecosystem fashioned to promote success and well-being.

The Evolt Active app features a variety of key enhancements. One sought-after feature allows for in-depth body composition analysis, permitting users to explore their detailed health and wellness metrics. This function guides users through a personalised body composition assessment, offering integral information to help craft a tailored path towards their chosen fitness and health goals.

Another addition is the in-app library of educational articles providing on-the-spot access to a wide range of information on nutrition, lifestyle management and wellness. Also, users can benefit from purpose-built, calorie and macro-friendly recipes, making the new Evolt 360 the first body scanner to recommend a tailored daily calorie and macronutrient output. This feature aligns with nutritional goals to foster user adherence and result driven outcomes.

As well as the general enhancements, the app now offers lifestyle questionnaires, enabling users to delve deeper into their daily habits impacting their health outcomes. These questionnaires encourage reflection on lifestyle choices, giving personalised feedback to help users align their habits with health targets.

Inspiring success stories are also set to play a pivotal role in the new offering, providing motivation, guidance and a sense of community amongst fellow users. Gym-specific integrated challenges feature as a part of the new package, designed to elevate the user experience by increasing engagement and commitment among users, fostering a community feel.

Ed Zouroudis, Evolt 360 co-founder and CEO, views the app’s upgrade as more than a simple technological advancement. "This enhancement is a testament to Evolt's dedication to revolutionising the way we approach health and fitness", Zouroudis says, "It represents a new chapter in health empowerment where we are providing tools so every individual can unlock their true health potential."

Alongside these features, the Evolt Active App continues to utilise Evolt 360's bioelectrical impedance technology, which delivers a comprehensive body composition reading in just 60 seconds. This assesses factors including muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat, and subcutaneous fat across 40 different measurements. The in-depth analysis supports healthy weight management and wellness, and aids trainers to devise effective, personalised programmes.

Already holding a presence in 43 countries, Evolt 360 continues to grow its offering globally with two million registered users. The company serves a diverse range of enterprise clientele including some of the world's largest gym chains, health insurance giant HCF, and partnerships with leading international medical universities and allied health professionals.