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Exclusive: How Neat is shaping the future of videoconferencing
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of workplace technology, Neat is transforming how companies navigate the blend of in-office and remote working. Jason MacBride, Neat's Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand, shares his insights into the company's strategy and the future of video conferencing technology in an exclusive interview.

Neat, a Norwegian startup, is making significant strides in the video conferencing market with a comprehensive portfolio of equipment designed to cater to modern workplace needs. MacBride, who recently stepped into his role, is at the forefront of Neat's mission to accelerate growth in Australia and New Zealand. "I've come on board to help grow and accelerate the growth within the organisation," he states, emphasizing Neat's commitment to enhancing workplace communication with devices certified on major platforms like Teams and Zoom.

As companies grapple with the transition back to the office, Neat positions itself as a crucial facilitator of this shift. MacBride highlights the importance of choice and experience in this process. "Our focus is on getting people back to the office by removing challenges and providing a better experience," he explains. This strategy is pivotal in encouraging employees to choose the office over remote work by enhancing their in-office experience.

Neat's client base spans all sectors, reflecting the universal reliance on videoconferencing technology. The common thread among these clients is the demand for seamless and equitable remote participation in meetings. "Most companies rely on VC in one form or another every day," MacBride notes, underlining the shift towards meetings that are inclusive of remote participants, irrespective of their location.

A notable collaboration with Atlassian demonstrates Neat's impact. This global company, with over 10,000 employees, leverages Neat's technology for its heavy reliance on video collaboration, especially for whiteboard sessions. "They use the Neat's super simple to use and very reliable, it takes a lot of the complexity out of what they do every day." MacBride shares, showcasing how Neat's solutions address complex collaboration needs with simplicity and reliability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer in the video conferencing domain, and Neat is at the cutting edge. The introduction of the Neat Centre, featuring AI-driven camera technology, exemplifies this innovation. This technology adjusts camera focus based on the dynamics of a meeting, distinguishing between participants in the room and images on the screen. "Our technology is smart enough to know that that's a 2D person...and it will not frame those people," MacBride proudly states, highlighting Neat's unique market position.

Looking ahead, MacBride sees significant opportunities in redefining office spaces to accommodate the needs of a hybrid workforce. The emphasis is on creating productive environments through technology, with Neat poised to address this need by reducing meeting room complexity and enhancing user experiences. "Our priority for this year is absolutely to share how simple and elegant and user-friendly the Neat experience is," MacBride affirms.

In a market saturated with video conferencing solutions, Neat distinguishes itself by focusing on the user experience and leveraging AI to enhance meeting quality. With sectors like finance, government, and education rapidly adopting Neat's technology, MacBride is optimistic about the company's growth trajectory. "We are outcome-driven...employees are demanding it," he asserts, emphasizing the non-negotiable nature of effective collaboration tools in today's workplace.

As Neat continues to expand its footprint in Australia and New Zealand, the company's innovative approach to workplace technology stands out. Focusing on simplifying the user experience and harnessing AI for smarter meetings, Neat is not just keeping pace with the future of work; it is actively shaping it.