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Exclusive: RUCKUS Network's NaaS program leads the way
Wed, 5th Jul 2023

RUCKUS Networks builds and delivers purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough, unique environments of the industries it serves. Leveraging network assurance and enterprise-wide automation driven by AI and machine learning (ML), the company empowers its customers to deliver exceptional experiences for every employee, guest, customer, student and resident who counts on those networks to connect with their digital lives.

Initially founded in 2002 in California, USA, RUCKUS Networks currently focuses on the Australian and New Zealand regions, despite only beginning to operate in ANZ in 2009. 

What does RUCKUS Networks do?

  • RUCKUS wireless access points (APs)

RUCKUS offers APs to fit just about any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario. Its APs provide secure, reliable access no matter how tough the environment. This includes environments with High client density, Wi-Fi-unfriendly building materials, rising employee or customer expectations or even challenging outdoor environments.

Every RUCKUS AP, from the humblest to the boldest, is packed with patented technologies that go beyond the everyday to deliver superior connections and awesome user experiences.

  • ICX switches: flexible scalability and simplified management

RUCKUS's ICX family of fixed form-factor switches works together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting, and simplify upgrades. Its low-latency, non-blocking architecture provides excellent throughput for the most demanding applications.

ICX switches work seamlessly with RUCKUS wireless access points (APs), RUCKUS SmartZone network controllers and RUCKUS Cloud to deliver a high-performance, cost-effective, unified wired and wireless access solution.

Whether you're deploying a standalone switch, a stack or a fabric network—you'll reap the benefits of RUCKUS performance, flexibility and investment protection.

  • AI-driven cloud platform for service assurance and business intelligence

RUCKUS Analytics delivers robust service assurance for IT and business intelligence to line-of-business stakeholders to help you get the most from your enterprise network. 

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, this cloud service simplifies life by automatically classifying service incidents by severity, tracing root causes and recommending steps for remediation. 

RUCKUS Analytics enables line-of-business stakeholders to define and monitor business key performance indicators (KPIs) for better business outcomes.

The company's most recent solution is RUCKUS One. RUCKUS One delivers AI-driven, unified management of multi-access public and private networks enabling channel partners to deliver turn-key network-as-a-service solutions. 

The cloud-native platform delivers network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence in a unified dashboard to simplify converged network management across multi-access public and private networks.

RUCKUS also offers a Network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform. RUCKUS NaaS enables a new operational and financial model for businesses to consume networking solutions and services delivered on a subscription basis. This provides the option to forego the traditional model requiring upfront capital expenditure for network equipment.

"Today, many enterprises and service providers are looking to deploy both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G networks to deliver the right type of connectivity for the right use case," says Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst and Co-Founder, 650 Group. 

"As a result, AI-driven converged solutions, such as RUCKUS One, are what the market is looking for. RUCKUS Networks is offering a unique solution in this regard, as a one-stop shop for multi-access public and private network management with the ability to outsource technological and operational resources to RUCKUS Networks' NaaS and its extensive channel partner network." 

Who are RUCKUS Networks' customers?

One industry where RUCKUS really excels is Education.

Schools face many challenges, including the need for reliable, fast, and functional internet connectivity and coverage inside classrooms, and improvements for the safety and security of schools' online environments with individualized access & filtering policies.

RUCKUS solved these challenges with its solutions, leading to a number of meaningful outcomes, including:

  • Equitable access for all students in all NZ schools.
  • Able to handle bandwidth demands, including 1 on 1 learning.
  • Seamless roaming between school sites.
  • Future-proof network for 5+ years.

The challenges faced schools are not dissimilar from RUCKUS's other customers. Many face issues like slow networks, weak Wi-Fi signals, physical connectivity issues, network troubleshooting, a struggle to deliver great UX and low visibility to converged/multi-site network performances.

After a decade of incremental progress, 2023 will be the year that we will likely see widespread and large-scale convergence of Wi-Fi and cellular in the enterprise space. This convergence will unleash incredible new potential for bandwidth, efficiency, security and flexibility in these networks as theoretical goals finally achieve practical reality this year.

While a boon to efficiency and cost control, IoT devices are also an increasingly popular entry point for bad actors looking for network access, increasing the need for resilient IT systems.

"We're now seeing an opportunity in more traditional enterprise verticals, places like manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, but the difference in the enterprise is they prefer simplicity," says Bart Giordano, President of Networking, Intelligent Cellular and Security, CommScope.

"Operators are oftentimes structured to deal with a lot of complexity, and in the enterprise, there's also a big focus now on business transformation. So, the implication of that is that while networks are generally becoming more complex through convergence, convergence of multiple technologies like Wi-Fi, IoT, and cellular in the enterprise, convergence of IoT, operational technology and traditional IT technologies, the administration of those has to remain very simple."

Does RUCKUS Networks have partners?

RUCKUS does have partners under its PartnerPRO Network Program. RUCKUS provides extensive resources, training, incentives and engagement to help build a trusted and mutually profitable relationship.

All partners have access to the exclusive RUCKUS Partner Portal, which provides a wealth of resources and information to enable, inform and support the ability to successfully sell RUCKUS solutions.

For companies that want to market, sell and deliver RUCKUS wired and/or wireless products and services, RUCKUS offers three partnership tiers for solution providers, each with distinct enablement and paths to profitability. In addition, its specializations recognize skills and expertise in specific areas and provide an opportunity to earn incremental benefits.