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Exclusive: Samsung's Pro Display Division - Success through innovation
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

In an exclusive interview with Phil Gaut, Senior Director and Head of the Display and Memory Solutions Division at Samsung Electronics Australia, insights were revealed into the company's remarkable growth and adaptation to changing market demands.

Gaut highlighted the division's impressive growth, stating, "Over the last five years, our market share has grown from 23% to 43%." This growth is attributed to an expanded product range and enhanced market capabilities. The division has adeptly navigated the rapidly evolving audio-visual market, integrating revolutionary changes in video conferencing and screen technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced industry trends, particularly in office settings. Gaut observed a dramatic shift in Australian office landscapes, with companies resizing and redesigning their spaces to accommodate more flexible working arrangements. "Communication has changed forever," Gaut remarked, emphasizing the increased reliance on technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

In response to these changes, Samsung has developed distinct strategies for workstations and workplaces. The company's innovative approach to meeting room configurations and the introduction of high-resolution LED solutions exemplify its commitment to evolving workspace needs. Gaut explained, "We're seeing several projects like the GPT tower, where LED technology creates impactful areas for people to return to the workplace."

Samsung's focus on enhancing workstations for both home and office use has led to the development of versatile products. Their 34-inch widescreen product, designed to reduce eye strain, stands out as a popular choice. Gaut elaborated, "The curvature of that screen is designed specifically to reduce eyestrain... the ergonomics and the comfort of the experience are proven to have real benefits."

The company has also ventured into innovative products like the smart monitor, which doubles as a high-resolution monitor and a Smart TV. "We've found people in homes wanting those spaces to be hybrid," Gaut said, highlighting the growing demand for multifunctionality in consumer electronics.

Samsung's approach to corporate solutions involves a significant emphasis on interactive technology. Their Flip Pro range, offering sizes from 55 to 85 inches, caters to the increasing need for accessible data and immersive video conferencing solutions.

Addressing the challenges faced in meeting modern corporate needs, Gaut acknowledged the importance of informed decision-making in a fast-paced market. "Our biggest challenge [has been] having enough people and the right people in place to help people make informed decisions," he explained.

Looking to the future, Samsung is set to continue innovating in the LED screen technology sector. Gaut predicts a decrease in pixel pitch, allowing LED screens to be available in smaller sizes, and a focus on supply chain improvements to meet market demands more efficiently.

With a focus on innovation, flexibility, and sustainability, the division is poised to maintain its market leadership and drive future growth moving into 2024.