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ExtraHop announces IoT adoption suite

 ExtraHop, a company specialising in cloud-native network detection, today announced a suite of new features designed to streamline the secure adoption and implementation of IoT in the enterprise. 

ExtraHop Reveal(x) now provides advanced discovery, classification, and behaviour profiling for enterprise IoT devices, providing visibility from the device to the service layer, according to the company.

These latest enhancements extend Reveal(x) capabilities to the enterprise IoT device edge, providing visibility across the attack surface without the need to implement narrow point solutions.  

IoT reduces operational friction, making businesses more efficient and employees more productive. But this comes at a cost. 

IoT moves computing power to the edge, vastly expanding the enterprise attack surface, and without visibility into what devices are connecting to the network and what resources they are accessing, it leaves organisations vulnerable to threats.

“Our research points to consistent growth in enterprise IoT usage which, along with other enterprise initiatives, has led to a growing attack surface,” says 451 Research principal analyst - information security Fernando Montenegro. 

“This leads to increased demands from enterprise security teams for visibility into network traffic and analysis for detection of threats, followed by remediation as needed.”

Continuous device discovery and classification identifies and profiles all IoT devices to deliver complete visibility to IT and security operations teams.

Device behaviour profiling extracts rich L2-L7 data from network and cloud traffic, enabling deeper analysis across devices at the service level. 

When paired with cloud-scale machine learning from ExtraHop, this data is correlated with other network events to accurately detect threat patterns for immediate response. 

This provides organisations with continuous behavioural monitoring for IoT devices such as VoIP phones, printers, IP cameras, wearables, and smartboards.

Guided investigation automatically gathers contextual information and related detections into a single workflow to streamline response actions, enabling security analysts to quickly determine the impact of an IoT event and easily drill into forensic level details.   

IoT security hygiene helps security and IT operations teams address issues like IoT devices using unencrypted communications, and when discovered, can automate response actions with other systems like creating a ticket or isolating devices on the network.

“We believe that enterprise IoT is a strong fit for ExtraHop's network detection and response solution,” says ExtraHop CTO and co-founder Jesse Rothstein.

“Not only do we discover the presence of IoT devices, but we also automatically segment into peer groups to detect suspicious behaviours and potential threats.

“Reveal(x) enables organisations to truly understand the level of risk a device poses and provides situational awareness of the environment.”

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