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Factorial & Microsoft launch partnership to revolutionise HR processes
Tue, 5th Mar 2024

Factorial, an all-encompassing HR SaaS platform, has taken a stride forward in its customer offering through a new partnership with Microsoft. The venture aims to fundamentally revolutionise everyday processes for HR departments, allowing users to gain access to advanced content creation tools as well as operable chat models like Chat GPT-4 or Dall-E through Azure OpenAI.

This collaboration enables Factorial to elevate its data security and processing services by migrating its personal, health, and employee compensation information and services to the Microsoft Azure platform, which is recognised for its exceptional data confidentiality standards.

Beyond this, Factorial plans to utilise the Generative AI functionality inherent in the platform. Leveraging Azure OpenAI enables Factorial customers to experience advanced data examination capabilities, offering real-time insights, trend detection, and operational optimisation to uncover actionable intelligence and drive well-informed business strategies.

By choosing Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform, Factorial reaffirms its dedication to providing over 10,000 clients across Europe and the Americas with unrivalled security, scalability, and data integrity. This decision follows Factorial's foray into financial management by acquiring the expense management software Fuell in October 2023. These strategic moves showcase the Spanish tech success story's commitment to delivering a comprehensive business management platform for all employee-related matters.

Jordi Romero, the Founder and CEO of Factorial, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership with Microsoft, highlighting their intention to utilise Microsoft's generative AI capabilities to enhance efficiency for their customers. Factorial's mission is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide in digitising their people management procedures, from recruitment to employee performance evaluations.

Jordi Romero said, "We could not be more excited to be leveraging Microsoft's generative AI capabilities to streamline processes for our customers. Factorial is driven to help SMEs around the world to digitise their people management processes and operations, from recruitment to employee performance reviews."

Romero emphasises that data confidentiality is their top concern, which is why they chose Microsoft as their partner from the beginning, ensuring secure and streamlined operations for their clients. "To achieve this efficiently and with data confidentiality being our utmost priority, we looked to Microsoft from the outset," said Romero. 

Beyond solidifying Factorial's position as a leader in people management solutions, this partnership also sets the stage for potential future collaborations with Microsoft's partner ecosystem and technologies, such as Dynamics 365, Business Central, and Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Factorial was founded by entrepreneurs Jordi Romero, Bernat Farrero, and Pau Ramon in 2016. As of 2023, the platform is utilised daily by 10,000 companies across 65 countries worldwide. In 2022, the company earned the title of a European unicorn following the conclusion of a Series C investment round of USD $120 million, reaching a valuation of USD $1 billion.