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Fierce competition for IT pros affecting hiring market
Tue, 22nd Sep 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Strong competition across industries for IT professionals is making the hiring process rather difficult, according to a new report from Robert Half Technologies.

“Competition among businesses for top IT talent today makes it critical for managers to rethink their recruitment and retention methods,” the report explains. “Speeding up hiring times, training from within, filling skills gaps with project professionals and offering attractive compensation can help you hire – and keep – the best and brightest for your organisation.

The Robert Half Technology Salary guide forecasts compensation trends across a wide arrange of technology positions.The information comes from regular surveys of CIOs and other IT professionals.

The report says it is crucial the salaries offered by employers are kept at least on par with those of other companies in the same industry and geographic region.

“But to do that, you have stay continually up to date on what your competitors are offering,” the report says.

The report says a demand and supply imbalance that has affected the IT hiring market for years will likely continue into 2016.

The report says signs of this trend are here already, with so many IT-related positions being created that employers often must wait months to staff key roles.

“What's new is that tech jobs are remaining open because candidates aren't even applying,” the report says.

“It isn't just the shallow pool of available talent contributing to the lack of response; it's that many candidates don't have to look very far – or at all – to find their pick of employment opportunities,” the report explains.

The report says highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, even those who aren't actively seeking jobs, often receive multiple offers.

“And the employment offers are fiercely competitive: Above-market pay and other attractive financial incentives are common, and offers may include stock options, flexible work schedules and other perks,” it says.

Senior-level technology professionals are perpetually in demand, especially to help lead IT initiatives, the report says. Cost can be a barrier to hiring these types of candidates, so more and more firms are now looking to grow their own talent by upping their investment in developing high-potential internal employees and making more entry level hires.

“Employers are also more willing to ‘stretch', helping a candidate to fit into a role versus waiting to find someone who meets all of their hiring criteria.